Top Vainglory Hero Builds

August 24 2017: Broken Myth apologizes for throwing the top hero builds page under the bus for the past year. Our intention was never to let this resource go, and we’re working hard to update each build — as well as add guides that are missing. We hope to deliver this to you with a shiny new format in the coming month. Thank you for your patience during this time.

These Vainglory hero builds have been personally curated by the Broken Myth team and are proven to be the best in the current meta. All the builds are updated regularly; they’re timestamped with the last date it was updated and which patch the update was on, all for certified freshness. Some heroes have more than one viable or popular build, so be sure to read the entire page and pick which one you like most. To get started, simply click on a hero’s icon to be taken to their page!

For more information regarding situational items, check out our guides for situational items on carries and roams!

All pages have been updated for 1.20!

Adagio   Alpha   Ardan   Blackfeather   Catherine   Celeste   Fortress   Glaive   Joule   Kestrel   Koshka   Krul   Lance   Lyra   ozo   Petal   Phinn   reim   Ringo   Rona   image   SAW   Skaarf   Skye   Taka   Vox