Esports Vainglory Premier League

VPL Preseason Recap: NA Week 2

vpl preseason week 2

The second week of the Vainglory Premier League preseason held several more intense match ups! The format for the preseason is the same throughout, with three games being played each Saturday and Sunday. Of note is that this will be the last week of VPL played on Update 3.1. Competition will move to Update 3.2 for week three of the preseason, which is likely to spark consistent Malene draft activity.

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Esports Vainglory Premier League

VPL Preseason Power Rankings: NA Week 2

vpl preseason week 2

Week two of the Vainglory Premier League was full of action across both regions. The teams are still on 3.1 as players get ready to make the switch to 3.2. All eyes are on the new hero Malene, which will most likely see high ban rates, while teams find where she fits into the meta. A lot of changes happened this update, which is bound to affect competitive play. Most matches were action-packed with teams finishing the games quickly. We saw a few games being finished within 13 minutes, and the longest game in NA was only around 22 minutes. The snowball turns into an avalanche fast in the current 5V5 scene. It will be interesting to see how that will change as teams spend more and more time on the Rise. Let’s take a look at the current power rankings for NA after week two of competitive play.

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Vainglory News 2

Ultimate Memory Lane: A Look into Vainglory Concept Art

vainglory concept art

Recently, the official subreddit experienced an outburst in posts containing screenshots of menus, gameplay, and artwork from Vainglory’s early days. We dug deep into our past resources to find a collection of Vainglory concept art from before the game even released to the general public. Do you remember Kindred: Asunder? How about the original Halcyon Fold themes? Take a look at the images below for early Vainglory concept art!

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Broken Myth Update Note Reviews 1

Vainglory 3.2 Update Analysis

vainglory 3.2 update analysis

Following the release of 5V5, SEMC had their priorities set on polishing up the new mode. Update 3.2 marked the first time in a while where they could begin to refine and improve multiple areas within one cycle. In addition to the new hero Malene, Vainglory 3.2 brings a fresh sheet of gameplay, hero, and item balancing to the Fold and Rise. How will these changes have an impact on the upcoming meta?

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Esports Vainglory Premier League 1

VPL Preseason Recap: NA Week 1

vpl preseason week 1

This weekend, the inaugural preseason of the Vainglory Premier League kicked off. For an introduction to VPL, check out our preseason introduction article. Only six of the eight North American teams competed on the first day, with Slimy Salamanders and Vision Gaming being forced to wait to display their roster until the second day. One notable piece from the weekend was the absence of Joe “Munchables” Fenny, who is awaiting his visa to return to the US for the remainder of the competitive season. His shoes were filled by Kate Elliott, who performed in the role eloquently. Another missing asset from the analyst desk was IraqiZorro—who is now competing—with FlashX filling his spot.

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Broken Myth Strategy Vainglory News

Vainglory Malene Hero Reveal: Abilities, Talents, Builds

vainglory malene

Two years after being mentioned in lore, Malene is the most anticipated hero to arrive in Vainglory (sorry, Corpus). To ensure her debut feels special, Malene breaks previous standards, boasting her ultimate at level 1 and five total abilities. Broken Myth is here with an early look at Malene’s abilities, talents, and best builds for an easy time transforming into the Update 3.2 meta.

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Esports Vainglory News Vainglory Premier League 3

What to Know Before Watching Vainglory Premier League Preseason

vainglory premier league preseason

After an extended off-season in preparation of the inaugural Vainglory 5V5 season, the esports scene makes its return this coming weekend. The list of competing organizations and players has seen a much needed refresh since. Teams will battle it out on Sovereign’s Rise in the first official tournament in 2018, with new strategies and highlight reels imminent. We have you covered with a full breakdown of the rosters, future esports vision, and when to catch the action.

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Broken Myth Strategy Theorycrafting 18

Vainglory Hero Counters: Your Guide to Winning Draft

vainglory hero counters

Welcome to the Vainglory Hero Counters guide! We know that you finally hit the Draft in Ranked mode. Whether it’s a new experience or an old one, having a cheat sheet to draft like the pros is undeniably useful. We understand and are here to help with a quick guide to keep you leveling up in Vainglory.

A couple of caveats before we get to the meat of the article. This is not a guide to how you should draft. If you are looking for one, you are in luck! Fedmattisgg wrote a great drafting guide that you can check out. Secondly, some counter picks are better than others, but it does not help your team if you cannot play said counter pick. Finally, some items can counter specific heroes’ strengths and are noted below, but for an in-depth look at counter-building read Gadianton’s article.

If you’re looking to test your new knowledge, try out our Vainglory Draft Simulator! To see how well each hero performs in the latest meta, brush up on our Hero Tier List. Choose wisely, play to your personal strengths, and may the churn ever be in your favor.
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