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Vainglory Update 3.4 New Items and Reworks

vainglory update 3.4 new items

Vainglory Update 3.4 brings a wide array of balance changes to the meta. One of the most anticipated changes is the introduction of three new items: Pulseweave, Capacitor Plate, and Rook’s Decree. Additionally, several items that players know and love have been altered to fulfill a fresh purpose. Let’s take a look at these new items and the significant reworks to existing items.

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Interview Vainglory News

SEMC Developer Nivmett on Vainglory’s Balance System and Hobbies


In the past, we have brought you interviews with players, analysts, and even esports owners! To add to this list, we chatted with Nivmett, who has been a part of Super Evil Megacorp for a long time, filling different roles within the company — all directly related to Vainglory’s growth. Take a look into the mind of a developer in our interview with Nivmett, capturing his thoughts on different aspects of Vainglory as well as his hobbies outside of gaming.

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Broken Myth Build Updates 2

Top Hero Builds Renewed for Vainglory Update 3.3

vainglory hero builds

For those of you that have been following us for a while, you may remember when we had pages for the best and most popular hero builds. These became a lot of work for a small team to manage and were subsequently left untouched. We recently expanded our team of analysts to renew what has been our most requested feature.

Rather than tire you with a list of what’s changed, we’ll keep it simple: Everything. We’re dedicated to renewing the hero builds each update — you don’t have to worry about information going out of style. We recommend bookmarking the link or adding it to your home screen for quick access during a match.

Check out our new and improved Vainglory Top Hero Builds page!

Broken Myth Strategy

Situational Items for Vainglory Carries

vainglory carries

In the midst of matches, we often struggle to obtain the perfect item to dominate as Vainglory carries. Broken Myth’s Situational Items series offers in-depth analysis of items to choose from in order to complete your build. Be sure to catch our follow-up guide coming soon: Situational Items for Captains. These two resources augment our new Top Hero Builds page releasing tomorrow. Without further ado, let’s dig in!

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Esports Vainglory Premier League

VPL Preseason Power Rankings: NA Week 5

vpl preseason week 5

Over the course of the last five weeks, we have seen what 5V5 competitive play can look like. Some matches have lasted 10 minutes, while others have gone all the way up to nearly 30 minutes; some that are highly competitive, sweaty games, and some that were painful to watch. Both EU and NA went through these five weeks attempting to showcase not only which region is best, but also which team is best. Many teams have mechanically strong players who are looking to form synergy and master their macro play. Other teams have proven the hard work that they have put in on the Rise since early January.

Our power rankings have stayed relatively the same through the preseason, with the mid-pack fluctuating up and down. This week we saw a few changes upon a new team finally entering the top two position. Overall, these five weeks showed Vainglory esports fans a lot of great action. Teams also have work to do as they prepare for the official start of the Vainglory Premier League. Let’s break down week five’s power rankings!
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