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The Guide to Alternate VG Game Modes

Guide to Alternate Game Modes

Lately there have been a lot of fan made game modes that are being introduced in the Vainglory community. They are all a blast to play and and even more fun to watch. However a newcomer who might have stumbled into these matches might be left confused. Why is that Skaarf building two boots? How come there are a million scout traps on the map? Well to help address those questions, here are some of the fan made games you might see on Twitch. Continue reading

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Building Taka for v1.3.0

Tick Tock-a

Since the release of 1.2.0 a month ago, I’ve had a lot people asking me how they should be building Taka differently. In particular, Shatterglass is more powerful now and the revised Broken Myth isn’t really effective with the hit-and-run tactics of an assassin. Also, with the advent of tanky Koshka builds, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Super Evil Megacorp has lived up to its name by trying to convince us that assassins should be played by building damage.

If you’re not already familiar, Taka’s Kaiten and X-Retsu have some of the best base damages in the game. Not including shield defenses, a quick combo does around 1400 raw crystal damage without any additional offensive items. However, because Taka’s heroic perk gives him 125% cooldown acceleration and his abilities are already on short cooldowns many people suppose that building more damage is the way to go.  I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and play testing (and math!) and I’m very excited to reveal the latest and best way to build Taka.

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Corpus Tips and Tricks

CorpusWith patch 1.3.0 almost within reach, SEMC has already started hyping up the next hero (or animal?) to be unleashed on the Fold in patch 1.4.0. Welcome Corpus, the Nightmare Goat! In this installment we’re going to break down why Corpus isn’t just a good fit in the lore, but also how to utilize him in the jungle, as well as how best to close out games.

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Differing MOBA Mindsets

Massive Online Battle Arenas are nothing new. Ever since the introduction of Warcraft III’s Defense of the Ancients there have been plenty of games that fit the genre. Vainglory is a different game all on its own, but the players come from differing backgrounds and some varying mindsets which I’m hoping to delve into here.

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Early Start to the Family Trio

Thanks to the geniuses at Super Evil Megacorp we’re going to get an early look at Vox! I didn’t expect to see a date this early because his numbers haven’t been released publicly, but Vox is going to be hitting the Fold sooner than previously imagined.

Vox will be available on Wednesday for Incredibly Concentrated Evil (ICE), or on Saturday for Glory.

For full details check out the link below!

Unlock Vox early!

What does this mean for new champion releases? Are you excited to get early access to the newest heroes? Do you think it’s a great idea to do a slower roll-out to avoid as many insta-lockers? Comment below or on reddit!