Esports Vainglory 8

GET IN: Vainglory8 NA Summer Season Finals

What requirements does your favorite North American team need in order to compete in the Summer Season Finals? Well, there are many possible scenarios, each dependent upon a certain team’s action. In short, each team controls their own destiny. Seeds 3-6 are up for grabs! Nonetheless, it is going to be a blast jumping into the final week. And, without further ado, let’s (attempt) to break down all possible scenarios.
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Broken Myth

Standardizing Skills in Vainglory

How do you win a Vainglory game? What makes a team good or bad? Why are some players better than others? This article breaks down the elements of Vainglory as a game, categorizing the skills of good teams/players into four fundamental points: Drafting, Microplay, Macroplay and Teamwork.

This article proposes a system of how teams should be compared in terms of a theoretical numerical score. It’s also a guide for teams to examine themselves and decide how they can improve.
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Esports Vainglory 8 VIS

Vainglory 8 Summer: NA Split 1 Challenger Battles

vainglory8 summer challenger battles

The first challenger battles of the Summer 2017 North American season have officially wrapped up. We saw teams: NRG Esports, Echo Fox, and Hollywood Hammers take on the top three teams from the VIS challenger series: Immortals, Rogue, and Tribe Gaming. A new format was added to change the challenger battle from a head-to-head competition to a style that is closer to a round robin. The challenger battles offered many great matches bringing some surprises along the way.
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Broken Myth Strategy

Support Synergy: Grace the Paladin

vainglory grace

Welcome back to the Support Synergy series! This series focuses on all of the different support heroes available in the Halcyon Fold, and which heroes to pair them with. In previous entries, we’ve looked at Fortress, Catherine, Ardan, Adagio, Phinn, and Lyra. Today, we’ll be analyzing Grace.

As the newest hero to the Halcyon Fold and a highly anticipated new support hero, Grace has already made for a favorite first pick or ban option, and for good reason. Grace has one of the most flexible ability kits in the game, and her mixture of crowd control, protection, and healing allows her to dominate in most team compositions.
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