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Differing MOBA Mindsets

Massive Online Battle Arenas are nothing new. Ever since the introduction of Warcraft III’s Defense of the Ancients there have been plenty of games that fit the genre. Vainglory is a different game all on its own, but the players come from differing backgrounds and some varying mindsets which I’m hoping to delve into here.

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Vainglory News

Early Start to the Family Trio

Thanks to the geniuses at Super Evil Megacorp we’re going to get an early look at Vox! I didn’t expect to see a date this early because his numbers haven’t been released publicly, but Vox is going to be hitting the Fold sooner than previously imagined.

Vox will be available on Wednesday for Incredibly Concentrated Evil (ICE), or on Saturday for Glory.

For full details check out the link below!

Unlock Vox early!

What does this mean for new champion releases? Are you excited to get early access to the newest heroes? Do you think it’s a great idea to do a slower roll-out to avoid as many insta-lockers? Comment below or on reddit!

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[Live] Coverage of the Official Livestream – Vox Reveal Stream (3/27/15) – Check in at 2pm PST for Live Updates!


This week’s live stream is going to be big, the developers have already confirmed that this is the Vox reveal stream, and that they will be showing off the rest of the 1.2.1 update as well! Of course, we know not everyone is able to watch the stream as it happens, so we’ll be providing a live blog here of all of the reveals as they come. Just check in here on Friday at 2pm PST (5pm EST) for all of the news live.

For those of you who are available to watch it live, you can earn ICE by following the Vainglory Twitch Channel and tuning into the stream live. Winners are randomly decided by a twitch plug-in, all you do is follow the channel and watch the stream.

After the stream we’ll condense this down into an organized recap for easier reading!

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A Wishlist and Look at Tracking Competitive Stats

I recently found a spurt of inspiration in a Twitter conversation about the current state of tournaments in Vainglory. While not the only topic of conversation, the area of improvement that caught my interest was stats. Now I’m someone who loves to just open a new spreadsheet in Numbers and test out ideas for various builds, so the idea of being able to look at say the KDAs or creep scores of various teams, in say the LEV, and compare them with other teams is rather exciting to me. Continue reading

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[Live] Coverage of the Official Livestream – Shin-vasion Stream (3/20/15) – Check in at 2pm PST for Live Updates!

Hey guys! Today we’ll be doing something different with our live stream coverage, you can check in here to receive live updates about the stream.

This week’s stream is a special one with ShinKaigan taking advantage of the side bet he won with Zekent, and hosting the official livestream. This’ll be an interesting one!

Watch the stream here!

UPDATE: The stream is now over, expect a recap this evening!

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