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The Mysterious Skins System: What Could It Be!

Since the massive reveals shown off at PAX East over a month ago, SEMC has been teasing us with information about this “mysterious skin system” ranging from skin reveals to hints at how the skins will work and be unlocked.

Already we have seen the first four skins, Dark Parade Adagio, SAWborg, Queen Bee Petal, and Kandi Twirl Koshka. We also know, that you aren’t going to be able to “just purchase them from the shop.” Implying that  they must be unlocked in some way. The community has already speculated on this a lot, and ideas range from special achievements to winning some number of games with the hero. And of course the community is very entrenched in suggesting skins for heroes like French Maid Catherine, Mafia Ringo, Halloween Petal ideas, and so many more. I wanted to see what some prominent players were thinking about the skin system, so I went ahead and interviewed a selection of streamers, podcasters, and other well-known users. Continue reading

Strategy 5

Tier 3 Crystal Power Items

In my first months of playing Vainglory the game was dominated by Weapon Power builds. Heroes like Petal, Adagio, Ringo, and even SAW were controlling the meta with their high damage output and Breaking Point. Ever since Breaking Point was changed there has been a shift in the meta towards Crystal Power carries. I figured this would be a great time to visit the tier 3 Crystal Power items to see what’s hot and what’s not. Continue reading

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[Recap] Official Livestream – Queen Bee Petal Revealed – Wicked v. Nemesis; HH v. VIP (4/10/15)

This week was quite an interesting stream from SEMC, they introduced a new King of the Hill format that they’ll be doing somewhat regularly in which guilds come in and challenge the standing champion on stream. This week we had three matches: The standing champions, Wicked and Nemesis battled it out and two new challengers, Halcyon Hammers and VIP, came in and fought for a chance to challenge the champion.

Japan Vainglory launch went down, with some awesome post-match karaoke! PlayoffBeard announced that the minion candy bug with Petal’s Munions and gave us some even more interesting Petal news… Continue reading

Strategy 6

Krul’s Recommended Items

My man!

When I started playing Krul I spent most of my time experimenting with items and builds to find one that worked. I never bothered to check the Recommended Items. I had never even looked at them. So today I did.

I’m going to review the current Recommended Items and then provide a list the worked for me in my climb as Krul to Silver PoA.

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