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Building and Playing Taka in 1.4.0 [Narrated Gameplay Video]

Back in February, I heavily evangelized a “burst Taka” build with Tension Bow, Aftershock, and Broken Myth. However, that feels like an eternity ago and Vainglory has evolved rapidly since then, with many changes to items, heroes, and the meta. As a result, I frequently see people on Reddit and the forums asking how they should be building Taka now or if he’s even a viable pick.

In short, Taka is not only viable, but he can be outright terrifying when built and played properly. After much experimentation and testing, I believe the end result is a Taka that is strong throughout all phases of the game, including his infamously weak early game. While I work on a more extensive write-up and guide, here’s a video to get you started. The biggest thing I’m going to ask of you is to open your mind… and cease to use Tension Bow.  <gasp>

— Gadianton

P.S. Unlike my April Fools post, this one is for real.


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match cooldown

What is queue dodging?

Queue dodging is the act of not selecting a hero at the hero selection screen, or intentionally closing the app in the five seconds before the match starts. There are a variety of reasons that people do this:

1) To avoid having two laners

2) To avoid players who instalock heroes

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