Zoning the Carry

Sometimes you need to do what you need to do, even if that includes ditching your team to win a team fight. This Petal was huge. This was a game before the change to Breaking Point, so it was still giving +12 weapon for each second you were attacking an enemy hero. This Petal was cleaning up team fights by having Joule and Adagio go in and she would sit on the perimeter and kite around, poking and poking until her pokes hurt like being hit by a dump truck. To put an end to her reign I let a team fight break out and then I combo Petal.

You’ll see I use my heroic perk to slow, then activate my Shiversteel, then use my ultimate (From Hell’s Heart), then Dead Man’s Rush to keep the gap closed, and then finally Spectral Smite to ensure I don’t die from her munions exploding all over my legs. Enjoy.

Strategy 1

Handing Off Jungle Camps to Adagio

This isn’t anything extremely special, just something I haven’t seen before. I’m fairly conservative with my energy as Krul in the jungle. Because of this, I don’t need the healing minions. Adagio is walking by and heals me almost to full, so I hit a jungle minion low enough for the burn to snag him the last hit and heal him over time in lane and restore some of his energy. It’s teamwork. It was a solo queue game. It seemed like a good way to help my team, and the more you help your team the better chance you have at winning.

Click here to see the short video.


Retaliation Game

Everyone has a bad game now and then. Some people get upset. Some cry, some pout, some yell, some throw things. Me? I get vengeance through what I call a “Retaliation Game”.

Last night I had a SAW on my team go 2-14. The Taka on my team quit at 5-8. I finished 7-9, not an impressive score, but decent considering how much my SAW had fed. The hour was late. It was probably in my best interest to go to sleep, but I couldn’t sleep with that bad taste in my mouth.

I queued for another game, praying to the VG gods that I wouldn’t have another 2:57 queue. My queue popped after roughly 30 seconds. Game on.

I’ve started taking a new path to the middle of the jungle to prevent people from seeing me get into the jungle shop bush. While effective, it does take me slightly longer to get to the middle of the map, so I’ve been shopping faster and moving out of base earlier than before.

I got to the jungle shop and got vision of the enemy team who were moving diagonally across the open to try to take our double camp. 1v1 as Krul I can beat anyone, especially level 1. However, I was out-numbered. I started to kite back to where Adagio was. The enemy Ardan and Krul jumped me, so I turned to start beating on Krul. I knew that if I didn’t stack weakness on him that he’d stack it on me. As soon as I started attacking him he triggered his Spectral Smite and I knew we had won the level 1 engage. I picked up first blood and chased Ardan into his jungle.

We spent the first four minutes reaping the enemy jungle, saving ours for later. I was a nightmare by six minutes into the match. We showed no mercy.

Luckily I still got to bed early because the game was over so soon.

EnvyFD, Kajin323, and RawCell, I’m sorry. This wasn’t about you. It was about vengeance.