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[Recap] Vainglory at PAX East 2015

So PAX East has turned out to be an amazing, reveal-filled weekend. While you may have already heard about some of the reveals, we thought it’d be nice to share a recap of all of the Vainglory live streams.

Friday Morning Stream
Super Evil Megacorp kicked off PAX with a double bang! Two huge reveals back to back. First off one of the longest requested features for Vainglory: Skins. While they didn’t disclose any of the details, they did show off two of the alternate character models that’ll be coming to the Market soon. Continue reading

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Breaking Point by the Numbers: Then and Now [v1.2.0]

Over the past few months, Breaking Point has been a fairly controversial item that many have considered overpowered (a.k.a. “OP”). Despite its slight reduction in power during the Ardan release (v1.1.7; January), it still dominated many games. With the release of Celeste [v1.2.0] several days ago, Breaking Point received a drastic revision and many have asked, “Is it still good?” My initial hypothesis was “no,” but as I created mathematical combat simulations to prove this out, I discovered it’s much better than I anticipated. In fact, I would even consider it fairly well balanced now and still a great choice when opponents are building tanky and team fights are lengthy.

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In-Depth Hero Preview: Celeste

There’s a new hero on the horizon and I’ve compiled all the data currently available on her, including: statistics, abilities, tactics, and video footage. I hope this helps you pass the time until Celeste is finally released; although, I think it’ll probably just make you more impatient. Enjoy!


Zoning the Carry

Sometimes you need to do what you need to do, even if that includes ditching your team to win a team fight. This Petal was huge. This was a game before the change to Breaking Point, so it was still giving +12 weapon for each second you were attacking an enemy hero. This Petal was cleaning up team fights by having Joule and Adagio go in and she would sit on the perimeter and kite around, poking and poking until her pokes hurt like being hit by a dump truck. To put an end to her reign I let a team fight break out and then I combo Petal.

You’ll see I use my heroic perk to slow, then activate my Shiversteel, then use my ultimate (From Hell’s Heart), then Dead Man’s Rush to keep the gap closed, and then finally Spectral Smite to ensure I don’t die from her munions exploding all over my legs. Enjoy.

Strategy 1

Handing Off Jungle Camps to Adagio

This isn’t anything extremely special, just something I haven’t seen before. I’m fairly conservative with my energy as Krul in the jungle. Because of this, I don’t need the healing minions. Adagio is walking by and heals me almost to full, so I hit a jungle minion low enough for the burn to snag him the last hit and heal him over time in lane and restore some of his energy. It’s teamwork. It was a solo queue game. It seemed like a good way to help my team, and the more you help your team the better chance you have at winning.

Click here to see the short video.