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[Live] Developer Live Stream – Joule Skin Reveal and Maybe Update/Wolfie Reveal?

We’re back after a short hiatus! Hopefully we’ll be continuing this all through summer now, with the exception of a week or two for vacations. But anyways, let’s get down to what we can expect to see.

A Joule Skin reveal has been confirmed. Likely we’ll see another hero’s tier 2 skin in game, as well.

Wolfie is complete or nearing completion, so today may be his day. Although, SEMC hasn’t hyped a hero reveal, so more likely they’ll do a special mid-week stream for him and the update or wait until next Friday. To be honest though, my money is on a mid-week stream.

The rest of the update could get shown off as well, including the balance changes to Vox, Skaarf, and others. And likely the card buying system, epic cards, and T2 skins. Once again though, it’s likely they’ll have a special stream during the down time for the update, or even on the Wednesday stream.

Excited to see what today’s stream holds, though.

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[Kit Speculation] Wolfie, the Next Hero

Isn’t he a cutie?

Tomorrow is another Friday, and you know what that means: a developer live stream! Even better, it appears that we’re approaching the next update (so far referred to as 1.5) and with the San Fransisco LAN partiers (FooJee and others) getting to test this hero it seems that he is near release and will be ready for this update, making tomorrow a likely candidate for a hero reveal. So let’s speculate on what this hero could be in the time we have before he’s revealed (#hype!).

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Strategy 1

The Weaknesses of a Burst Taka

Taka let me farm

Previously, I shared a video that introduces how to play a weapon power Taka and it has received a lot of positive attention from the Vainglory community. Admittedly, there’s also been some reluctance to adopt this play style due to how comfortable players have become with Taka burst builds. The focus of this post is to explain the inherent weakness of burst builds and why it is a good time to make the switch to a weapon power build.

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Strategy 3

The Incognito Taka Buff Everyone Should Know About

Taka bringing sexy back

Many people are waiting for Taka to be buffed or revised. I hear people asking for it all the time on the forums and Reddit, talking as though he isn’t viable. I even saw one subject line that asked “Is Taka dead?”

The biggest secret about Taka is that he doesn’t need a buff. In fact, the developers recently stated that Taka is in a good place right now. Not only do I agree with this, but I believe you’re going to start seeing an increasing amount of Taka players in higher skill tiers. If you’re wondering how this is possible, continue reading.

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Strategy 1

The Art of the Comeback

In the first iteration of the Vainglory ESL Cup Series there was an underlying theme of comebacks. In each game that Team Unknown played on camera, they would have an early-game deficit, and they would overcome that disadvantage and surmount a turnaround. Can the same principles that Team Unknown used in each of their games be used to help players win in solo queue? Continue reading

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The Ever-Changing Vainglory Metagame [Patch 1.4]


“Recently the term metagame has come to be used by PC Gaming shoutcasters to describe an emergent methodology that is a subset of the basic strategy necessary to play the game at a high level.” – Wikipedia

The 1.4 patch has been live for about a week now. This has given me some time to get some games in, watch some streams, speak with high skill-tier players, and see how the North American metagame has changed. Here are my observations.  Continue reading