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VGL North America Quarterfinals Preview

The excitement is building in the North American VGL as the remaining eight teams form our last three rounds. From Cinderella stories to airport heroics to house-hold names, this tournament has been getting better and better with each round.

Before these final rounds take place, BrokenMyth wanted to give you an inside look at some of the key teams and matchups. Here are the matches scheduled for this Saturday. The game times below are all PM EDT.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.32.56 PM

The two highest Elo games are GankStars Cerberus vs Nemesis, and Ardent Alliance vs Team Rin. These are the featured matches that we think you should watch!
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Humor 1

Granting Full Heroship



Deep beneath the surface of the Halcyon Fold, where unpaid minion laborers struggle with over-sized pumpkins and adjust lighting to a spookier hue, lies a cavernous hall that holds great importance to all above. Audience seating encircles a single podium in the center floor that faces a large dais where three hooded figures are seated with heads bowed. The walls are carved and painted with flattering depictions of Vainglory’s greatest heroes, as well as SAW. Two small creeps wrench the great doors to the chamber open and Phinn swaggers in. The giant lizardman takes in the crowd, his anchor gouging tracks in the marble floor as he drags it. He rests one huge forearm on the podium, provoking creaks of alarm from the wood, and puffs bubbles from his pipe with whimsical masculinity. Excited murmuring through the gallery diminishes as the center figure upon the dais raises their head to speak. The hood completely shadows their face, but a dim orange light can be seen glowing within.

Center Robed Figure (smokey voice)- Phinneas, you stand before the Vainglorious Tribunal today for final approval before you may be granted full status as a hero of the Halcyon Fold. In order to be gifted said approval, you must face the arduous trials of the “Gauntlet of Increasingly Difficult Tasks”. If you fail in any part, you will meet a most unpleasant fate.

Phinn– Right, get on with it then.

Robed Figure on Phinn’s Right But Maybe Your Left Depending On How You Envision This Scene (stern voice)- Don’t get cocky, now.

Phinn– I’m not arrogant, just charmingly foreign.

“OooOOOooOoOooo” from the audience.

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Esports VainGlory International Premier League

VIPL Third Place Results and Analysis

The VIPL third place match was played on Saturday, where the two top Korean teams faced off for bragging rights and a cool $9,000. These matches had everything a fan could hope for: top talent, excellent strategy, gold swings, nail biters, and epic finishes.

As these games unfolded, there were key things that are important for players new and old. Let’s jump into the first match and explain a few of the swings and potentially why they happened.

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Congratulations VIPL Champions!

After a perfect sweep through the round robin group stage, a blast through the semifinals, and excellent execution in the finals, GankStars have won the VIPL! The American Express strikes again! The impressive player performances in the finals is something we want to cover in exquisite detail, so look forward to specific match coverage.

GankStars finals win

The GankStars were awarded roughly $34,000 USD for finishing first in this tournament. This awesome opportunity is only the tip of the iceberg for the competitive scene for Vainglory. I expect to see more teams challenging our new champions in coming tournaments! Continue reading

Esports VainGlory International Premier League

VIPL Third Place – Redemption

In the third round of the group stage games, Invincible Armada competed against pQq in a match that made many spectators scratch their heads. Despite the strength shown by each of these teams, it seemed that Invincible Armada wasn’t taking pQq seriously as they swapped their jungle and roam player positions, and also attempted to make Petal work in the jungle.

02._3rdDecider_pQq_vs_InvInvincible Armada lost that game against pQq and it cost them dearly, as pQq went undefeated in the group stage, forcing Invincible Armada to work their way through the wildcard round. Invincible Armada had a set of impressive games, but didn’t have what it takes to power through Hunters in the semifinal games. After losing 0-2 in the semifinal, Invincible Armada is now looking at redemption. With another shot against pQq, can Invincible Armada prove themselves as the strongest team in Korea?

Teamlogo_small_PQQ_00000 Teamlogo_small_InvincibleArmada_00000

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