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Beyond the Fold

Beyond the Fold

The Ladies of the Fold are enjoying the amenities of the luxurious women’s locker room after a long weekend of triple glory rewards. Beyond the lacquered walk-in lockers made from Gunnr the Great Oak, custom goat leather lounge chairs and kitten fur-lined sinks, the heroes are gathered in the Jade Serenity Wing. Celeste is having a soak in the waterfall hot tub. Joule is getting a pedicure and Catherine a massage, courtesy of professional spa minions. Koshka is grazing the quarter-mile buffet table with giddy gusto.

Catherine: I heard Krul and Ardan are really at the Breaking Point.

Joule (reading a pamphlet entitled “Super Evil Mega Conspiracies: Skaarf 1.4 Was an Inside Job!”): Hah! I get it.

Catherine: What?

Joule: You know..(looks around for confirmation, no one responds), nothing.

Catherine: He may be difficult to work with, but I wouldn’t mind peeling that Viking armor back.

Celeste: Cath!

Catherine: He never rests, blondie. (one minion wheelbarrows another down her back, getting those tight deltoids) Speaking of, sorry I didn’t have your back on that gank, Koshka.

Koshka turns around with a mouth full of deviled eggs and gives a thumbs up.

Catherine: Was that sarcastic?

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Esports OGN World Invitational Vainglory News 3

Pro Strategies: Misdirection, A StanSmith Story


StanSmith had a plan for the Vainglory World Invitational, and his quarterfinal opponent Team Fusion fell right into his trap. The “Divine Brothers”, which includes StanSmith and the real life brothers, Dejiwo and Slashmoon, did battle in the Vainglory World Invitational against the North American Team Fusion. There was little known about this East Asia server team, and StanSmith had a plan to use this to his advantage. Continue reading

Esports OGN World Invitational Strategy 3

Counter-building: Attacking the Enemy’s Strategy

counter building item banner

The Vainglory competitive scene is getting more intense as we enter the semifinals of the World Invitational. Today, Gankstars and Invincible Armada faced off, representing the best teams in North America and Korea, respectively. As these games are becoming less and less one-sided,  the teams that often win are the ones who play just a tiny bit smarter than their opponents.

In today’s matchup, one team rose above the other through effective “counter-building.” Counter-building is a pro strategy that requires you to have constant awareness of the item builds of both teams, then adapting your item build to either optimize your own damage output or to significantly reduce the damage output of your opponents. If you’re not regularly glancing at the scoreboard  to see what your opponents are building, you may be missing out on a key opportunity to gain an advantage.

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Esports OGN World Invitational Strategy 1

North America vs. The World – Meta From Around The Globe


If you liked my first article on the Vainglory metagame, you’re going to love this one! If you hated it, I’ve got a wonderful seaside property to sell you in Utah.  Metagame or Meta refers to the game play needed to play a game at a high level.  This is a constantly evolving beast as new patches come out, new heroes are introduced, and existing heroes are tweaked and balanced. I took some time to play the 1.6 patch and talk to some players from around the world. I’ve compiled what I feel is the current meta for North America and how it stacks up against the metas in other server regions.  Continue reading


Taka’s Fresh Start


In the wee morning hours on a Tuesday, Taka stands at the sink of his penthouse apartment in downtown Halcyon. Running a comb through his luscious ear hair, he winks (or maybe just blinks) at himself and gives a toothy grin.

Taka (to reflection) : They can’t get enough of ya.

Casting away the comb with haughty disdain, he wipes his hands on the guest towel and exits the bathroom. Strutting back into his obscenely large bedroom, Taka is startled by the presence of two creeps. One is leaning against his nightstand twirling a pair of Taka’s underpants on one grimy finger, while the other calmly eats a turkey leg by the bedroom door. The creep at the nightstand waves and bows.

Jeff: Thank you so much for meeting with us Mr…(looks at the waistband of Taka’s underpants) Taka.

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Esports OGN World Invitational Strategy 16

Pro Strategies: Winning Team Comps

3d Kraken

In the most recent world quarterfinals between Hunters and Tiger-Phobia, we were able to witness the first matchup that lasted a full three games. As these two teams attempted to outmaneuver one another with their hero picks and bans, there were some trends that started to emerge. In particular, we observed which team compositions – a.k.a team comps – were stronger or weaker during different phases of the game and how the teams adapted their strategies based on this knowledge. By learning from these observations, we can be more effective in what heroes we select and how we play them.

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Esports OGN World Invitational Strategy 2

The Item Builds of Top Players: Managing Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

World Invitational LogoThe key takeaway from the most recent quarterfinals matchup between Gankstars and Infamous is how the top players maximize their gameplay and try to milk any little advantage they can get. In particular, this game contained a good illustration of how leveraging gold efficiencies in item builds can give you an advantage over your opponents and lead you to victory

The standout example of leveraging a gold-efficient item build was Gankstar’s CullTheMeek on Ringo in game one. By 4:30, he had purchased two Minion’s Feet with a Heavy Steel. By 9:00, he had three Minion’s Feet with a Sorrowblade. This was a textbook example of good theorycrafting, which many of you know is a topic that is dear to my heart. Lets’s talk about why this was such a great build decision. Continue reading