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VIPL Wild Card Matches Preview

After hack’s amazing recovery from Group C, the second-place teams from each group will be playing in a miniature round robin format bracket to select a winner that will join the top seeds in the semifinals. Here is the schedule for Thursday’s games.

wild card match preview

This format will be quite different than what we’re used to, as it’s basically a mini tournament with two teams being eliminated in one three-game event. I’m going to run over the matchups as we get our first taste of cross-group action! Continue reading

Esports VainGlory International Premier League 2

Group Stage Finals – VIPL Bracket Review

I hate it when I’m wrong, but the conclusion to the Vainglory International Premier League definitely made my incorrect prediction worth it. With two potential three-way ties on the line, games were exciting and meaningful on Saturday.

In the fight for survival, eight of the 12 teams in the league were battling to see which three would move on to the playoffs. Read on for full match spoilers. Continue reading

Esports VainGlory International Premier League 2

Finalizing the Bracket – VIPL Round Robin

Three groups, three potentially different outcomes. If the Vainglory International Premier League is the first competitive bracket that you are trying to follow then you could easily get lost in the complicated results. I’m going to lay out the standings below, and from there we’ll be able to paint a beautiful picture of what to expect, as well as which teams I think are going to win and why.

Group A Wins Losses Group B Wins Losses Group C Wins Losses
pQq 2  0 Gankstars 3 0 Hunters 3 0
Invincible Armada 2 1 Beyond 1 1 Wild 1 1
Unknown 1 1 Tiger-Phobia 1 1  Raid 1 2
Victorious 0 3   Vap 0 3  HACK 0 2

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Esports VainGlory International Premier League

Set in Stone – VIPL 5th Round Robin

Vainglory International Premier League Logo

This round of the VIPL moves us just one step away from having the final bracket set in stone. With jaw-dropping performances from three of the top teams in the league, Invincible Armada, Gankstars and Hunters each showed why they are some of the best teams in the world.

If you missed this set of games, read no further! Click here and watch them before reading any further! These games were too good to miss and I’m going to spoil every piece of the action. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s get to the goods! Continue reading


The Battle of The Sky Captains

**Note** This story is a direct reference to the recent, very awesome, lore from SugarVenom about Vox tier 1 skin. If you haven’t read that yet, I recommend you go here and do so first.

Done with that? Wasn’t it sweet? Now, on with this mess…


Stumbling through the Fold at the tail end of a long night on the elo roller coaster, you, “The Player”, emerge from the tri-bush to find your old fodder, Jeff and Marty, standing by the jungle shop. You ready your weapon to strike, but the fire just isn’t there. You’ve done this so many times it feels empty and you’re having a hard time seeing the crystal through the turrets, as the saying goes. With a heavy sigh, you slump to the dirt. The creeps eye you suspiciously for a moment, tittered amongst themselves, and then one of them waddles over with extreme caution.

Marty: Are you ok?

You look up, think about triggering an ability that would delete him instantly, but just shrug instead.

Marty: Ah, I get it. You’ve got the mopes.

Jeff: What’s going on, Marty?

Marty: They’ve got the mopes.

Jeff: The mopes? Ah, churn.

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Esports VainGlory International Premier League

VIPL 5th Round – Redemption Week

Victorious, VAP and Raid each lost in their Saturday games, and they have their work cut out for them with the upcoming set of matches. This round, Victorious, VAP and Raid all look to recover in the VIPL redemption week.

These matches will put these teams to the test as each battles against either the first or second seed in their respective groups. With the odds stacked against them, I expect to see some insane action as these talented teams battle with their backs against the wall. Continue reading

Esports VainGlory International Premier League 1

Do or Die – VIPL 4th Round Group Stage Review

With games featuring Victorious, Unknown, Vap, Tiger-Phobia, Raid, and WILD, the latest set of games from the Vainglory International Premier League were full of unique strategy and epic comebacks. This set of games rounded out the group stage, giving each team two games played.

Due to dropping their first games, most of the teams playing in this episode were fighting for their tournament survival. Two losses in the group stage almost certainly means that team won’t proceed to the final bracket. The one exception would be if three teams finished 1-2 and one team finished 3-0, in which case one of the three 1-2 teams would advance. Continue reading