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1.9 Broken Myth’s Tier List


Another update, another list of Vox changes. So apparently Vox was so powerful in the Jungle that he needed a hotfix. I had this wonderful photo (see above) from Brian (@BrianGlory on Twitter) but it hardly seems applicable now. However I am lazy, so it remains.  As always, this tier list is done with solo queue in mind, and the power level potential of heroes, not necessarily the meta. The 1.9 update brings with it a ton of questions about hero balance. Does Petal’s rework make her viable?  Is Ardan a potato? Is AdyEndrus biased about Krul? All these questions will be answered and more, after the break.
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Julia Buys The Goat


Out in the gently meadowed countryside, a veritable buffet of dead and dying goats litter the field. Gerald, ex-ice cream shopper manager and current goat dealer, wanders the grass with a heavy club, finishing off injured goats. Julia, wife of Ardan and mother of the two most OP twins this side of “Property Brothers”, hops off her refurbished antique bicycle and approaches. 

Julia– Excuse me.

Gerald– Hello. Be right with you.

Gerald raises the club to whack a goat.

Julia– Wait!

Gerald (Not lowering the club, because he’s all revved up to bludgeon)- Yes?

Julia– What happened?

Gerald– Oh! This wasn’t all me. Well, not mostly. (Pointing to a few) That one, that one annnnnnd that one were me. But I had to. Wolf attack.

Julia (taking in the carnage)- Cheese and Kraken, how many wolves were there?

Gerald– One. Then four. Then one again.

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Esports VainGlory International Premier League

Interviewing Valdes

While we wait anxiously for the next season of the Vainglory International Premier League to start up, I got the opportunity to ask Brendan “Valdes” Valdes some interview questions. If you know me very well, you’ll know that I didn’t send Valdes your standard set of questions.


Instead, I tried to send him personal, awkward, and real questions, with a few curve balls along the way. To make things even better, his responses were very fresh, candid, and insightful. I tried to include as much as I could that didn’t embarrass either of us! Continue reading

Esports VaingloryLeague

VaingloryLeague NA Finals Review

On Sunday the best NA teams battled in the VaingloryLeague championships for a spot in the upcoming season of VIPL. The action was intense moving through the quarterfinals and into the semifinals. However, the best teams rose to the top in this best-of-five series to crown a victor and usher one champion into the Vainglory International Premier League in Korea.

We took the opportunity to break down each game–dissecting the picks and bans, while also giving an overview of what went right, what shocked us, and how the matches ended. Continue reading

Humor 1

Triumph of the Vain

Come brave, come quick, come ye bold

To test your mettle inside the Fold

Across the states it caused a racket

To creep along up this tempting bracket

Over one hundred teams clamored in

Knowing only one could win

Skills and items meticulously spec’d

Bring on the noobs to get ye wrecked

Infusions early, mid and late

Because after all, this is patch 1.8

Mighty warriors all shapes and size

Hunger for that sweet cash prize

Many teams fall, yet others move on

The dust at last settles, around Ardent and Von

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Esports VaingloryLeague

VGL North America Quarterfinals Preview

The excitement is building in the North American VGL as the remaining eight teams form our last three rounds. From Cinderella stories to airport heroics to house-hold names, this tournament has been getting better and better with each round.

Before these final rounds take place, BrokenMyth wanted to give you an inside look at some of the key teams and matchups. Here are the matches scheduled for this Saturday. The game times below are all PM EDT.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 12.32.56 PM

The two highest Elo games are GankStars Cerberus vs Nemesis, and Ardent Alliance vs Team Rin. These are the featured matches that we think you should watch!
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Humor 1

Granting Full Heroship



Deep beneath the surface of the Halcyon Fold, where unpaid minion laborers struggle with over-sized pumpkins and adjust lighting to a spookier hue, lies a cavernous hall that holds great importance to all above. Audience seating encircles a single podium in the center floor that faces a large dais where three hooded figures are seated with heads bowed. The walls are carved and painted with flattering depictions of Vainglory’s greatest heroes, as well as SAW. Two small creeps wrench the great doors to the chamber open and Phinn swaggers in. The giant lizardman takes in the crowd, his anchor gouging tracks in the marble floor as he drags it. He rests one huge forearm on the podium, provoking creaks of alarm from the wood, and puffs bubbles from his pipe with whimsical masculinity. Excited murmuring through the gallery diminishes as the center figure upon the dais raises their head to speak. The hood completely shadows their face, but a dim orange light can be seen glowing within.

Center Robed Figure (smokey voice)- Phinneas, you stand before the Vainglorious Tribunal today for final approval before you may be granted full status as a hero of the Halcyon Fold. In order to be gifted said approval, you must face the arduous trials of the “Gauntlet of Increasingly Difficult Tasks”. If you fail in any part, you will meet a most unpleasant fate.

Phinn– Right, get on with it then.

Robed Figure on Phinn’s Right But Maybe Your Left Depending On How You Envision This Scene (stern voice)- Don’t get cocky, now.

Phinn– I’m not arrogant, just charmingly foreign.

“OooOOOooOoOooo” from the audience.

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