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VGL North America Semifinals Preview


Wow! I hope you caught all the action this past weekend when the VGL Autumn Qualifier North American Top 16 was narrowed down to just four teams. Some incredible matches were had and you can re-watch all of the glorious gameplay from Saturday and Sunday.  The remaining teams are VON Menace (1), GankStars Vega (2), Nemesis Hydra (3), and LiberationX (5). Looks like VGL did a great job with the seeding as the final teams are all very high seeds! Here are the matches scheduled for this Saturday. The game times below are all PM PST.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.31.12 PM

We have two killer matches on board for the semifinals, and BrokenMyth wanted to break down these matchups for you so you can get hyped for this weekend!
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VGL Europe Semifinals Preview

VGL EU Semifinals

Upsets! Upsets! Upsets! With the VGL Finals Qualifier round of 8 wrapped up, we move into the semifinals with the least expected lineup of teams. A few days ago, during the round of 8, we experienced what may go down in history as the biggest day of upsets in Vainglory eSports. Europe’s top three seeded teams; Chimaera (1), SNOW (2), and AngryPandas (3) all dropped in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Underdogs of the round, BlackHawk, RebirthOfKingdom, RebelTigeR, and projected champions Prometheus all move on to the semifinals.

In the next matchday, Prometheus takes on BlackHawk with hopes of taking revenge for first seed and sister team Chimaera. On the opposite side of the bracket, RebelTigeR takes on RebirthOfKindom, with the aspirations of continuing their cinderella run through the qualifiers. Here are the details for each matchup.

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Humor 1

Elo Limbo

Ringo with smurfA frustrated Ringo storms out of the Fold, tossing back the last few drops from his gourd and hurling it to the ground.

Ringo (to himself)- How the churn am I supposed to rank up? Every match is full of morons or guilds. This is ridiculous!

Merry Voice– Ooooooh, havingz some troublez are youze?

Ringo (swinging his head around)- What’s talking?

Merry Voice– I iz. Just littlez ole me.

Ringo– Where are you?

Ringo feels a tug on his pant leg. He looks down to find a blue, pot-bellied creature about the size of a jungle creep. The peculiar thing is wearing a white hat and pants. He smiles a disarming grin beneath his bulbous nose.

Ringo– The character creation is getting lazy around here.

Blue Creature– Tehehehehe! I’m not a hero, heavenz no! I’m Elo Smurf! I just wanted to tellz you there iz another wayz.

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Innovation and Counterplay: VON Diablo vs HH Force

VGL Logo

Just over a week ago we witnessed some incredibly interesting and well-played matches between VON Diablo and HH Force. This remains permanently fixed in my memory because of the sheer tactical elegance displayed by both teams involved. No other best-of-three even came close in terms of the enjoyability of this one. Grab on to your brackets and pull up the archived VaingloryLeague Twitch broadcast – we are about to dive into this incredible series of games!

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Developer Livestreams Vainglory News 2

Looking Back on the First Year: Vainglory Concept Art and Early Images Shown on the Anniversary Stream

  • Old Store Page and App Icon
    Old Store Page and App Icon
  • Old News Section
    Old News Section
  • Old Hero Select and Description for Petal
    Old Hero Select and Description for Petal
  • Old Map and Kraken Pit
    Old Map and Kraken Pit
    More desaturation compared to the current map. Chainsaw tried to keep the area where players walked simple so that the heroes stood out visually.
  • Old Friends Section
    Old Friends Section
  • Old Oakheart Artwork
    Old Oakheart Artwork
    Old Oakheart item shown in bottom left.
  • Crystal Mines
    Crystal Mines
    Minion Mines (now Crystal Sentries) used to be called "Crystal Mines," but players confused it with boosting crystal power.
  • Old Loading Screen
    Old Loading Screen
    Developers shipped it not noticing it said "Shatter The The Vain."
  • Early Concept Art of the Halcyon Fold
    Early Concept Art of the Halcyon Fold
    The area in the top right was originally intended for team fights, but was cut to streamline the map.
  • Expanded Concept Art of the Halcyon Fold
    Expanded Concept Art of the Halcyon Fold
    There are two entrances to the base in this concept.
  • Unpainted Building Models
    Unpainted Building Models
  • One of the First Areas of the Map to Receive Detailing
    One of the First Areas of the Map to Receive Detailing
    This area was experimented on a lot. Originally, the Halcyon Fold was envisioned as snowier.
  • Infamous Red Tree
    Infamous Red Tree
    The red tree has been around forever! It was one of the first things that Chainsaw experimented adding detail to.
  • Building Models Being Made
    Building Models Being Made
  • Graphical Error in an Early Test
    Graphical Error in an Early Test
  • Captain Neato Playing with a Broken Hand
    Captain Neato Playing with a Broken Hand
  • Ton of iPads Used in Testing
    Ton of iPads Used in Testing
  • More iPads for Testing
    More iPads for Testing
  • Painted Prototype of the Map
    Painted Prototype of the Map
  • Kindred Title Screen
    Kindred Title Screen
    Programmer art added in by CaptainNeato. This was back when the game was called Kindred. This menu was never seeded to players.
  • Custom Lobby Screen
    Custom Lobby Screen
    Custom lobbies were the early version of public matches.
  • Render of the Left-Side Base
    Render of the Left-Side Base
  • Petal's Early Implementation
    Petal's Early Implementation
  • Reworked Kindred Title Screen
    Reworked Kindred Title Screen
    The Kindred: Asunder title screen later in development.
  • Old Team Names
    Old Team Names
    Originally there were names for the two teams: Empire (left side) and Rebel (right side). This was changed after they realized it was too reminiscent of Star Wars.
  • SAW's Early Implementation
    SAW's Early Implementation
  • Old Starting Screen
    Old Starting Screen
  • Untextured Walls in Early Gameplay
    Untextured Walls in Early Gameplay
  • Original Shop Location
    Original Shop Location
  • Adagio Concept Art
    Adagio Concept Art
    Adagio (or Warren) was envisioned as an old wizard who stayed out of the fight and buffed his friends from afar. When Chainsaw came in, he suggested he should feel "less like a side character, and more like a hero." This concept art is from before Chainsaw.
  • Reworked Adagio Concept Art
    Reworked Adagio Concept Art
    The new vision was an aristocratic character who didn't want to get his hands dirty. (Chainsaw)
  • Catherine Concept Art
    Catherine Concept Art
    Chainsaw experimented with weapons for Catherine, before deciding to combine her sword and shield into a single piece.
  • Reworked Catherine Concept Art
    Reworked Catherine Concept Art
    Concept art of Catherine. Shield and Sword combined. (Chainsaw)
  • Glaive Concept Art
    Glaive Concept Art
    CaptainNeato told Chainsaw he wanted a big barbarian hero. This is one of the iterations of that before becoming Glaive. The sword pictured here was reused for Frostburn. (Chainsaw)
  • Reworked Glaive Concept Art
    Reworked Glaive Concept Art
    Glaive's art was designed first and then the kit was designed around that. Inspired by "Master of the Flying Guillotine." (Chainsaw)
  • Halcyon Fold Inspiration
    Halcyon Fold Inspiration
    Chainsaw created this art as inspiration for the theme behind the Halcyon Fold.
  • Joule Concept Art
    Joule Concept Art
    She was first pictured as a steampunk girl with a power glove, but then Vi came out in League of Legends. They decided they wanted something different. This concept art is from before Chainsaw.
  • Early Prototype of the Halcyon Fold
    Early Prototype of the Halcyon Fold
    Red models are used as scale for heroes. Placeholder turrets were made from a bunch of cylinder shapes.
  • Same Prototype with Painting
    Same Prototype with Painting
    The original idea centered around the Vain coming from the sky. When the map was called "Arcane Peak" and themed more western than eastern, the Kraken pit was where a massive meteor had just landed. The two mines were places where meteors had fallen long ago and were now being mined for.
  • Turret Concept Art
    Turret Concept Art
    Designed to replace the "mess of cylinders" that was the old model. Inspired heavily by diesel-punk.
  • Iron Mines and Dragon Coins
    Iron Mines and Dragon Coins
    At some point there were also "Iron Mines" in the game. It's unclear what they did. The mines moved around so much in iterations that CaptainNeato added cartoonish signs next to them so that they could easily be found. Dragon Coins were also a mechanic, though no one knows what they did.
  • Old Skybox
    Old Skybox
  • Ringo Concept Art
    Ringo Concept Art
    When Chainsaw came in he had a very specific vision for what he wanted Ringo to be, and that replaced this whole concept.
  • Reworked Ringo Concept Art
    Reworked Ringo Concept Art
    Trinket was later reused for Vox. As a little easter egg, Chainsaw named Ringo: Ringo, the Japanese word for Apple.
  • Reworked Ringo Concept Art
    Reworked Ringo Concept Art
  • SAW Concept Art
    SAW Concept Art
    SAW didn't go through many design or kit iterations. CaptainNeato came up with the kit over a weekend and "it just worked." Chainsaw wanted him to fit the classic space marine archetype. The only particularly unique part of his design were the ripped sleeves and the rhino helmet.
  • Turret-Vain Design Used in the Right-side Base
    Turret-Vain Design Used in the Right-side Base
  • Early Idea for the Nexus/Vain Crystal
    Early Idea for the Nexus/Vain Crystal
    The idea was a mine that dug for crystal and spat out lane minions.
  • Last Major Map Design
    Last Major Map Design
    There were two lanes, but it was dropped because it was just too much for a 3V3 mode.

This weekend marked the first year of Vainglory since its world launch, to celebrate that, the developers hosted an anniversary stream. That stream featured a huge amount of vainglory concept art, early prototypes, and milestones for the game. We’ve compiled the mass of it and added some context for you.


Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis Glaive

Early game in the Fold, Glaive moseys down to the jungle shop as his support, Catherine, helps Celeste prevent a gank up in lane. Thus far, he has invested in some weapon damage, attack speed and critical chance to beef up his overall stats and, with a fat stack of gold on hand, he’s ready to buy his first tier three item. Approaching the weird, little man that rides the shop beast, he surveys the wares with a hint of hesitation. The Shop Creep (in this context “creep” is not used to describe him physically like the creatures of the jungle, but more so his extremely off-putting personality) smiles a haphazard grin and rubs his filthy hands together.

Shop Creep– What’ll ya have?

Glaive– I am thinking.

Shop Creep (winking a greasy eye-lid)- Thinking about that hot little number with the big shield, eh? I wouldn’t mind if she trapped me in that bubble with her.

Glaive glares behind his blindfold. The Shop Creep is oblivious and continues fantasizing.

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Developer Livestreams Vainglory News

[LIVE] Vainglory Anniversary Stream

VAINGLORY: 1st Year of the Game! Skaarf lights the candles on the cake! Vainglory launched worldwide one, long year ago today! And boy, this game has become so different since then. Join us as we cover Super Evil Mega Corp’s anniversary stream reflecting on those changes and celebrating the end of the game’s first year, as well as celebrating the launch of the game in China! Read about all of the celebrations here. The stream will be at 2PM PST on the Vainglory Twitch Channel! Continue reading