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Ironguard Contract: The Complete Guide

With the recent changes to Ironguard Contract, it has become a very lucrative item, if used correctly. To maximize the benefits, however, it requires both the jungler and the support/roam to understand and participate. As a result, I’ve see a lot of forum and reddit threads from people who either wanted help in understanding this item better or ran into difficulties when their teammates didn’t understand how it worked.

To help with this, I’ve compiled all the best Ironguard Contract tips and tricks into a single video. Enjoy!

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Patch 1.6 Speculation – Illuminati confirmed


A small dog entered the Halcyon fold when 1.5 was released on May 27th. We also discovered that Joule’s ultimate picked up right where Vox’s left off. 1.5 came out just over two weeks ago, and we’re already hungry for a new update! SEMC’s patch cycles have been roughly 4-5 weeks per release. Based on this, we can expect 1.6 to come out sometime near the end of June or early July. A release before the 4th of July weekend makes the most sense, so they can relax and enjoy beers and fireworks. Interestingly, SEMC has been very forthcoming with some of the upcoming changes in 1.6.  Continue reading

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[Live] Official Developer Stream – Tier 3 Skin Reveals (6/12/15)

What a crazy week on the fold, the community began to realize several serious flaws with the matchmaking system causing Super Evil to respond with a quick patch and news about 1.6: We will be getting Ranked and Casual queues. It’s unusual for them to give us so much news so early in the week, but from what their Twitter account has been saying, its likely we’ll see even more today!

This stream is looking to be one of the juiciest in quite a while. We’ll be getting multiple skin reveals, one of which will be the tier three of Shogun Ringo. They’ve implied that there will be other tier threes show as well, and PlayoffBeard hinted in a twitch chat that we might see Catherine’s skin as well. So, let’s all get ready for what I can only imagine will be a stream filled to the brim with news.

Continue reading

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Matchmaking – What We Know and How We Can Improve It

IMG_0096When you hit the “Public Match” button in Vainglory, Deep Blue calculates 50 Petaflops and tells you the meaning of life. Then it randomly matches you and the best worst available players at the time (sometimes it feels that way, right?). In a perfect world, there would be five other players that are exactly the same skill tier as you and it would be the perfect match. However, we don’t live in a perfect world, otherwise Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have a career. Continue reading

Developer Livestreams Vainglory News

[Live] Official Dev Stream – 6/5/15

Sorry for the late start, I had a busy schedule, but here we go!

Because of technical difficulties you’ll have to refresh the page for updates. 

  • Pictures will come with the recap. (Sorry)
  • In the video shown, Skaarf has the same effects as normal, but more work has been done since. 
  • Camera tools shown in the Skaarf Skin reveal. 
  • Inspiration for the Infinity Skaarf was “different materials.”
  • Infinity Skaarf Tier 1 revealed. It is the green one shown last week.
  • Adagio as originally named “Warren,” but PlayoffBeard didn’t like it. 
  • Turrets are named Bill, Henry, and Dax. (not really)
  • There is a bug where certain jungle camps deal true damage. 
  • “You will be able to get cards with glory in the future.” Already announced, but important to know. 
  • “We are aware that there is confusion around skill tiers…Clarity coming in 1.6.”
  • Mixed feedback on match making. Casual vs. Competitve queue coming. 
  • “Overwhelming pleased by response to 1.5”
  • 1ICE Guild on Exceptions’ stream after broadcast. 
  • VGL NA tournament should not be missed. Prize is pretty amazing. 
  • Reveal coming later in the stream.