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Vainglory 8 Summer: NA Split 1 Challenger Battles

vainglory8 summer challenger battles

The first challenger battles of the Summer 2017 North American season have officially wrapped up. We saw teams: NRG Esports, Echo Fox, and Hollywood Hammers take on the top three teams from the VIS challenger series: Immortals, Rogue, and Tribe Gaming. A new format was added to change the challenger battle from a head-to-head competition to a style that is closer to a round robin. The challenger battles offered many great matches bringing some surprises along the way.
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Broken Myth Strategy

Support Synergy: Grace the Paladin

vainglory grace

Welcome back to the Support Synergy series! This series focuses on all of the different support heroes available in the Halcyon Fold, and which heroes to pair them with. In previous entries, we’ve looked at Fortress, Catherine, Ardan, Adagio, Phinn, and Lyra. Today, we’ll be analyzing Grace.

As the newest hero to the Halcyon Fold and a highly anticipated new support hero, Grace has already made for a favorite first pick or ban option, and for good reason. Grace has one of the most flexible ability kits in the game, and her mixture of crowd control, protection, and healing allows her to dominate in most team compositions.
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Broken Myth Strategy 8

Maintaining High Morale: Improve Your Chances of Winning Vainglory

It’s not uncommon for players to describe solo queue as: “Literally unplayable, a den for baboons and a hazard to one’s health.” A majority of the community are proficient enough at the game to ascend through the ladder, but when it comes to solo queueing, they fall short; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many professional players outright refuse to solo queue. They simply despise the experience and do not believe it is worth the risk. A lot of players are neglecting a certain aspect of Vainglory when they solo queue. This specific aspect leads to a worsened match experience as you are more concerned with your teammates’ skills or your team’s hero composition. While these aspects are important, another equally important aspect is often overlooked: team morale.

Having a high team morale boasts many positive effects, some of which can increase your chances of victory and improve the overall enjoyment of a match.
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Broken Myth Strategy

Key Tips for Blocking Vainglory Abilities

Welcome back to Broken Myth, where you can learn about Vainglory and never know when you are going to get Rick Rolled! Today, we’re going to be talking about everybody’s favorite game changing abilities and how to overcome them. Many heroes in Vainglory come equipped with crowd control (CC) abilities, such as stuns and slows. If you want to rise to the top echelon of Vainglory, you will need to master the Reflex Block to counter these abilities.

We’re first going to take a look at each ability that can be Reflex Blocked. The abilities are ranked by the difficulty of blocking each ability. We will then expose the subtle pointers you can keep an eye out for to counter all of these abilities. One major point to increase your Reflex Block skills, or Crucible for that matter, is to be aware of the enemy team’s movement and positioning. You can often spot a Phinn setting up for that anchor throw or a Grumpjaw looking to swallow someone whole. This way, you’ll have an extra second to find that button before you need to mash it and save a teammate or yourself. With that out of the way, let’s dive right in and get your VST heading up.
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Broken Myth Strategy

Uncommon but Effective Situational Items for Captains

Captain builds seem very straightforward to most in Vainglory — no need to choose between a Frostburn for peel or Eve of Harvest for sustain. Just buy Fountain, Atlas, Crucible, War Treads and so on. But what do you get once the bread and butter of Captain items are already in your pocket? Maybe some extra defense?

Here comes the groundbreaking truth. Captain builds are more complicated than just getting a few main items. There are items which, when built, can turn out to be the key to winning. Some items, when used at the right time, can turn a fight around. And then there are items that simply can’t be ignored when a perfect situation arises.

This article brings to the spotlight some of the more uncommon, yet extremely effective items to be used in the appropriate situations.
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