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Hero Impressions Contest

Thanksgiving is approaching, and even the Vainglory Heroes want to ham it up a bit. Broken Myth is introducing a “Hero Impressions” contest. The best part—anyone with a smart device and voice can enter!

How to enter:

Tweet @TeamBrokenMyth a video of yourself reciting voice lines of a Vainglory Hero. Winners will be chosen based on accuracy and creativity. Let your imagination run wild!


  • Share your Hero Impression between November 19th–December 2nd.
  • Include the hashtag #HeroImpressions in the Tweet.
  • Multiple entries and voice lines are encouraged.


  • 1st Place: 1000 ICE
  • 2nd Place: 750 ICE
  • 3rd Place: 500 ICE
Broken Myth eSports

Going to Worlds – NA Laners

How do the North American players stack up against one-another as they head to the international stage this December?

While there is certainly an argument to be made that some of the “best” players in NA may not have qualified for Worlds, at this stage of Vainglory Esports I’d say this qualification is definitely one of the largest & most important indicators of overall performance.
Being one of the best in a region isn’t singularly based on a player’s mechanics, cs per minute, Jungle camp spawn timing, tournament placement, or KDA. Rather it’s a combination of these and more, including less often considered points of impact; such as consistency in decision-making, reliability in tournament attendance and internet connectivity, off-line vs. live performance, international experience, emotional stability, etc. As I think about the impact each player has while in-game, I certainly take all the above (and even more) into consideration.

This ranking will be presented by in-game positions: Lane, Jungle, & Roam; in which I will rank the 3 starters relevant to each category.

For the sake of attention span, I’ll be releasing this in 3 parts! So make sure to keep an eye out for the following articles: “Going to Worlds – NA Junglers” & “Going to Worlds – NA Roamers”. Let’s get into it.
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Weekly News Roundup

The past week had some awesome contests announced, hoping to bring new faces both behind the camera and behind the screen of Vainglory Streaming. We’ve also started the 2016 Season of Collegiate StarLeague, watched a new statistics website launch, and are taking deeper look into Flicker’s Lore in Update 1.24.

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