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VIPL 4th Round Robin Preview

This week’s matches will round out our bracket and give us an excellent idea of how the elimination rounds will proceed. Saturday’s games will be played live on OGN Global’s Twitch channel. Tune in at 9 PM PDT on Saturday / 6 AM CEST on Sunday to watch the best team from Europe battle against the up-and-coming Korean club, Victorious.

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.23.39 AM

As Saturday’s games take place, the VIPL will only have one more set of matches to complete before the round robin stage is finished. After the round robin, the second place finishers in each group will battle to move on to the semi-finals. Because these round robin matches decide seeding, they are the deciding factor in which teams will move on to claim the tournament prize. Continue reading

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Champions Rise to the Top – VIPL 3rd Round

With the best of the best battling live in Korea on Thursday, some teams stepped up to the challenge.

If you need to see what the match-ups were, check out the 3rd round preview, where we cover what to expect from each team, and describe some of the expected playstyles and picks of different players. However, in this review, we will cover the details of the games, specifically highlighting the key elements and players that are helping curb the meta.

3rdrr review overview Continue reading

Humor 2

It’s Tough Bein’ Krul – Viking Drinking Song

While looking for a good place to drink beers they stole from their fathers, a group of Halcyon teenagers uncovered a stack of Composition notebooks deep in the Jungle. The handwriting was coarse and smelt of decay, but amidst crude drawings of Koshka and Taka smooching and some tacky fan fiction, they were delighted to find the following tune. It’s rousing beat and self deprecating lyrics have enthused the drinking public immensely, although some Gythian musicians claim it’s melody sounds very similar to this song …

(I recommend you click the previous link and play the song at a low volume so you can sing along to the melody.)

So, Sing. Rejoice. Imbibe. Continue reading

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VIPL 3rd Round Robin Preview

6x2_Match3_Preview (1)

Each team in the Vainglory International Premier League has played their first game. This Thursday, five of the top six teams who won their first match play again. Each of the match-ups will include one team from the Vainglory World Invitational, competing against a team from the qualifier tournament.

These matches will be taking place live, on OGN’s global channel at 5 AM PDT/2 PM CEST. Come watch as the top teams in the VIPL compete to determine the champions of the round robin stage, as only the top two teams of each group compete in the tournament bracket. Continue reading

Strategy 2

Git Gud! How to Learn From Your Mistakes


We’ve all been there. You’re having a great game, winning team fight after team fight. Then you make a mistake. Sometimes, if you’re me, you make dozens of mistakes. Mistakes can cost you the game.  As George W. Bush famously said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me… you can’t get fooled again.” Don’t get fooled again. Learning from your mistakes will help you become a better player.  Continue reading

Strategy Tier Lists 7

1.7 Tier List – By The Role

BrokenMyth Tier List

This iteration of the Tier List is going to be separated into three sections: Lane, Jungle, and Support. I’m hoping to use this format moving forward on all future tier lists as well. I feel it’s better to do a fair comparison between strength of different heroes that share a role, rather than comparing apples to samsungs.

All positions are organized to countdown to the hero that I feel is best in that specific role.

All views shared are my own. In past lists the value of certain heroes was defined beforehand, and likewise, this tier list is based on my solo queue experience. Solo. No allies. No party. Just me against the Pinnacle of Awesome world. Your experience may vary! However, I’m very open to feedback, so leave a comment or slander me on Twitter!
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Esports VainGlory International Premier League

VIPL 2nd Round Robin Matches – Results

OGN Global hosted the second set of matches of the Round Robin stage today live on Six of the top teams did battle on the Fold, with more matches to follow in the coming weeks.

With the VIPL including some lesser-known teams, I was expecting some of the games to not live up to the standard set by the best teams from the World Invitational. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the competitive nature displayed in each match.

The Vainglory International Premier League threw a curveball this morning when they announced that some teams had experienced roster changes and other teams were running the same original lineup from before, but with a few name changes. We have all the updates and match reviews for you below. Continue reading

Humor 1

Crossing Vanguard

ardan punch

In a desperate attempt to improve his popularity amongst the Vainglory player community, Ardan enlisted Personal Image Consultants of Halcyon and The Greater Gythian Area Inc. What transpired was a four-month journey of self-exploration and exploitation that resulted in a pilot episode for a weekly drama series staring Ardan as a hard-nosed wildcard that will protect the innocent no matter how many bystanders get hurt. Other members of the Fold were cast as supporting characters to improve star power, but no one showed up to film, not even his own children. No one, except the one that wanted to get back out there and touch the people again. Thus was conceived the first, and only, episode of “Crossing Vanguard”.


The Chief sits behind his desk with a stern look on his face. Ardan sits in one chair, with his feet up on another, with an even sterner look because he’s not about to be told who’s the boss around here.

Chief– Churn-it Sergeant you gotta do something about this!

Ardan– I am. (extremely heavy sigh) I am.

Chief– You can’t keep telling me that. I need results!

Ardan– You want results? I got your results right here!

Ardan holds up a file.

Chief– Isn’t that the office Birthday card for Stacy?

Ardan– I got every churning signature.

Chief– Great, thank you. But I’m really concerned right now with this motorcycle gang that’s been terrorizing…

Ardan (in a low, menacing tone)- Travis called in sick with a real bad stomach flu, so I had to go to his house. He was so sick he couldn’t come to the door, so I had to boost myself up through his kitchen window he left open. I knocked his toaster off the counter and it broke, but I’m a reasonable guy and I’m gonna reimburse him. He was so frail and dehydrated he couldn’t hold the pen, so I gave him my last health pot I was saving for a rainy day, you know, in case I get ganked after saving my laner. He had  barely enough strength to sign while I cradled his sweaty head before passing out again, but not before puking right into my coolant vent and causing my suit to overheat and burn my thigh a little.

Ardan pulls back the weird skirt thing that he wears, revealing a quarter sized blister on his upper thigh and some singed leg hair. 

Ardan– How’s this for results!?!

 Chief– You’re dismissed.

Ardan– Suck it! (flips the Chief’s desk and storms out)

Chief– Hey, that’s mahogany…

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Esports OGN World Invitational Strategy 2

Pro Strategies: Wait and See

vs B

In the third place match of the Vainglory World Invitational I noticed that the best players in the world were careful to select their first ability. At times it almost feels like auto-pilot to select a character’s starting skill. However, with this behavior appearing at the highest level of competitive Vainglory gameplay I decided maybe it was time for all of us to wait and see. Continue reading