Esports OGN World Invitational Strategy 4

How to Win a Game in One Minute – Vainglory World Invitational by OGN


In the quarterfinals of the Vainglory World Invitational by OGN, we witnessed Korea’s own Invincible Armada take down Unknown O from Europe. The action in this best-of-three match started immediately and continued throughout. Every action of Invincible Armada had purpose and reason and I want to break down the details to make it perfectly clear why the Korean powerhouse ran with an outdated Ringo lane, and how they made it work for them.
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Adagio: The Dark Parfait


Adagio floats into a Gythian ice cream shoppe wearing over-sized sunglasses and a floppy sun hat pulled down. The clerk, a young man without greater ambition, lounges behind the counter. Two romantic youths sit at a table near the counter, their treats are melting on the table because they are too busy canoodling.

Adagio: I want refreshment.

Clerk: Okay. What flavor?

Adagio: Because it’s hot out.

Clerk: Yea…which one?

Adagio: I’ll have…(savoring the anticipation he expects the Clerk to feel) mint chocolate chip.

Clerk: We’re out.

Adagio bathes himself in green, almost seafoam, flame, which ignites a nearby table.

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Vainglory News 1

Broken Myth Team Speculates on New Hero “Skye”


The grand unveiling of a new hero brings flutters of excitement and anxiety. Is it going to be the next OP hero that will help you climb the ranks? Will it be the perfect counter for your main hero? Or will it be the perfect complement to your main?

The Broken Myth team loves wild speculation like anyone else and have put together a few thoughts about Skye, based solely on what we’ve seen with the “red carpet” 360 degree sneak peek.

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Humor 5

Teammate Has Left The Party

The door slams open to the Fold male locker room. Ringo swaggers in, followed by Vox and Ardan with arms around each other. As the door is about to close, Krul’s bony hand lightly pushes it back open. He shuffles past the group to his locker and sits on the bench.

Ringo: Celebratory drinks!

Ardan: Here! Here!

Vox: Oh, as opposed to your pre, early, mid, and late game drinks?

Ardan (to Vox): Salty from zooming into that Gauntlet?

Vox: If I could have double proc’d…

Ardan: Quit living in the past, boy.

Vox: Well, my farm was off the charts!

Ardan: It wasn’t enough to handle Team Krardan! Ain’t that right my little zombie viking?

Krul says nothing, staring straight ahead.

Ardan: Soooo Ringo, what are you up to this weekend?

Vox: Why even ask? Ringo is free every week! Oooooohhhh, someone get Skaarf to Fan the Flames on that rotation burn!

Vox high fives himself. Adagio floats by, completely naked, to the showers.

Vox: Oh churn, Daj! Cover up!

Adagio: Towels are plebeian. Continue reading

Vainglory News 2

Triple Glory Weekend was Earned with 96.5k RTs

Although the North American Vainglory Twitter decide to wait and announce this on the dev stream today, the results can already be found on Vainglory forums that are listed in other languages.

We did not make the 100k goal, but we will have Triple Glory weekend. 
We fell short by just 3.5k tweets and retweets. However since we were so close and since several regions dealt with server problems this week, they’re giving us it anyways. Have fun and enjoy these extra glory weekends!