Broken Myth Strategy

Uncommon but Effective Situational Items for Captains

Captain builds seem very straightforward to most in Vainglory — no need to choose between a Frostburn for peel or Eve of Harvest for sustain. Just buy Fountain, Atlas, Crucible, War Treads and so on. But what do you get once the bread and butter of Captain items are already in your pocket? Maybe some extra defense?

Here comes the groundbreaking truth. Captain builds are more complicated than just getting a few main items. There are items which, when built, can turn out to be the key to winning. Some items, when used at the right time, can turn a fight around. And then there are items that simply can’t be ignored when a perfect situation arises.

This article brings to the spotlight some of the more uncommon, yet extremely effective items to be used in the appropriate situations.
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Vainglory News

Vainglory Meetups: Midsummer NA Dream

Albuquerque, Austin, Portland, and Salt Lake City… oh my!

Welcome to the Vainglory Meetups Report! In this feature, we will detail the upcoming Vainglory community-run meetups and events in the NA region and who is in charge of them. We will then divulge into “community buzz,” which will likely lead to more meetups and events taking place in new and developing areas. Hopefully in the future we can include EU in the discussion (but they did have that awesome gathering by FNATIC in London early May). But first, an introduction.
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Broken Myth Humor

Codes of the Fold: The Unwritten Laws of Vainglory

1. Every Ranked win gives 5 points of VST while every loss takes 10.
2. Someone will always dodge when you draft the perfect comp in solo queue.
3. If your team is about to capture the Kraken and either Glaive or Taka show up, they will steal it.
4. The AFK and troll players are always on your team.
5. You are 2x more likely to pocket a Legendary card for a Legendary skin you already own.
6. If it looks like you have one more game to get to a new skill tier, it’s two — the first win will leave you needing one more point to advance.
7. If by 15 minutes you have: Breaking Point, Barbed Needle, Travel Boots and Reflex Block on Blackfeather, you’ve already won.
8. Ringo’s Legendary Skin makes you play 35% better.
9. If your ally Ringo has a Legendary Skin you’re going to have a bad time.
10. SAW’s Legendary Skin deals more damage than his other skins.
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Broken Myth Strategy

Support Synergy: Lyra the Renaissance Woman

Welcome back to the Support Synergy series! This series focuses on all of the different support heroes available in the Halcyon Fold, and which heroes to pair them with. In previous entries, we’ve looked at Fortress, Catherine, Ardan, Adagio, and Phinn. Today, we’ll be analyzing Lyra.

Lyra has seen many nerfs since her introduction, but she still manages to be a popular pick and performs well in most team compositions. As the meta has shifted towards lane support and sustain, Lyra has become even more valuable. With the reintroduction to her burst heal in 2.5, she should see even more play.
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