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Codes of the Fold Volume 2: The Unwritten Laws of Vainglory

This is a continuation from volume 1 of the Unwritten Laws series. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to do so now!

51. When people sell their builds after a match, they are either salty they lost the game or are making sure their top secret, totally not meta build doesn’t get copied. (*cough* Weapon Lane Petal)
52. Vox never leaves the meta—he only takes an annual vacation.
53. When someone reaches Vainglorious Bronze for the first time, there will always be that one person who says, “Congrats! Now onto Vainglorious Gold? :p”
54. You never care about Great Karma until it is gone.
55. Everyone else’s 5 hero talent chests: 2-5 awesome Legendary talents. Raid Boss, Piercing Shot … you name it, they got it. Your 5 hero talent chest: Rare!
56. If the duo party doesn’t fill for the solo queuer, strife WILL follow.
57. Want to know what type of player your captain really is? Ping “We need vision!” —

  • A normal captain will pick up a few vision items.
  • A stubborn captain will ignore you.
  • A toxic captain will buy nothing but Scout Traps from then on.
  • A sassy captain will recommend that you buy a Contraption.

58. Saying “Hoi PBE pls!” doubles your chances of getting into the PBE. Developers HATE this awesome trick!
59. Getting AFK forgiveness for a match you were losing is like having the professor cancel class on a Monday morning—an overwhelming sense of relief.
60. People in solo queue always want to get their comfort picks, even if it means they will get hard countered for first picking Krul. It is okay because they are on their comfort pick and will carry! Always assume positive intent.
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Broken Myth Vainglory News 1

Analyzing Vainglory Mystery Chests: Everything You Need to Know

It’s been brought to my attention that Mystery Chest Drop Rates are officially online and publicly available courtesy of SEMC (and Chinese gambling regulations–yay!).

With this information, we can better quantify how you acquire what you want from Vainglory Mystery Chests, what it may cost you, and what your realistic chances of unlocking your desired targets really are. As a quick disclaimer, I don’t take any stance on whether or not you buy Chests and/or Keys–spend your money as you please. That said, you should understand how you are spending your money, so let’s figure that out.
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Esports Vainglory 8

Vainglory8 Autumn Recap: NA Split 1 Week 3

As Split 1 of the Autumn Season came to a close, we saw TSM reemerge as a force to be reckoned with. Several teams fell further away from a chance at the second spot to represent NA at Worlds 2017. This week was action-packed and showcased several outstanding series. The standings for the end of Vainglory8 Split 1 seem to tell the tale of which teams have a legitimate shot at claiming the second spot at Worlds in Singapore this December.
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Esports Vainglory 8

Vainglory8 Autumn Recap: NA Split 1 Week 2

Week two provided some surprises to Vainglory8. Reza saw action for the first time, by Tempo Storm, and received his first win by Cloud9’s iLoveJoseph. Several teams continued to fall further behind in the standings. We also saw Nova’s captain Starboi step down, with Eeko taking his place. This limits their chances to earn the last NA spot at Worlds. Week two faced very stark differences between day one and day two. Catch up on the most recent week of Vainglory8 below!
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Vainglory’s Unsung Heroes: Support Staff

Support staff: the unseen hands that toil backstage in Vainglory’s competitive scene. Not many people know of their existence, and even less about what they do for the team. However, the effects of their work can make or break games.

Support staff (analysts and coaches in particular) have contributed immensely to Vainglory’s competitive play, but they rarely get the credit or compensation that they deserve. This isn’t meant to point fingers and throw dirt on anyone, but to call out for a change to the way the community and teams view support staff.

To the analysts and coaches who are out there reading this, I hope I’ve represented you and your work relatively accurately. I’ve gathered as much background stories and information as I could, and I want to do you justice. You’ve invested your time and effort, even sacrificed things that are precious to you. And I want the Vainglory community to know and appreciate that.

Time for your voices to be heard.

— Edgedancer

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Esports Vainglory 8

Vainglory8 Autumn Recap: NA Split 1 Week 1

This week saw Vainglory8 action return to the Fold! After Cloud9 won the Summer Unified Live Championship, they have been looking to continue their hot streak in the Autumn Season. We also saw several lineup changes: competition for the captain spot on TSM, the legendary IraqiZorro retiring, and Hollywood Hammers picking up Status and Chicken in the jungle and captain positions. The most notable change, however, was the ownership transfer from Immortals to Tribe Gaming of the 2nd place roster from the Summer Unified Live Championship. This season will be packed with great match-ups as the teams vie for their spot at Worlds, so let’s begin with what went down in week 1.

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