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Update 1.21 Hero Tier List is Here!

Update 1.21 is winding down our Summer Season, but there’s still a lot of action playing out on the Halcyon Fold. The race to the top remains competitive in the Lane and Roam roles, with few changes other than a swap here and there. The Jungle, however, has seen some large changes, including the dramatic return of the former “Queen of the Jungle”! We’ve got you covered for the top picks to cement your final Summer matches. Just don’t let Samuel put you to Sleep!

Read on for the full breakdown!

Vainglory News

Weekly News RoundUp

The past week has been a little slow with only a little more information regarding the Live Championships and ways to get your hands on that seemingly elusive Phinn skin. We also had a couple fun matches on the eSports side of things in anticipation of a huge end to the Summer Season.

Phinn skin giveaways:

In a new way to unlock the Summer Party Phinn Skin, SEMC has announced a competition which is sure to bring out our artistic sides. Now, you can draw out the new Summer Party Phinn and post it on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to unlock the skin. If you’re like me, though, and the only thing you know about drawing is that you are terrible at it, then there’s a way for you too. Retweeting/Reposting your favorite drawign gives you a chance too. Read the full details here to make sure your submission is eligible to win!

Live Championships details:

We now have all the details regarding the live championships. I’d strongly recommend going with a bunch of goodies at your disposal from getting to meet Devs, Competitive players/Streamers to special SEMC swag bags. You can also unlock Samuel and Summer Party Phinn. Y’know, these are times when I hate being in SEA. Check out this link to see the full details and find out where you can buy tickets.

evil 8 compilation; top plays, split 2:

Famed NA player Vyzeox has created a compilation of some of the best plays of the second split of the EVIL 8 series in a YouTube video. Be sure to show it some love–it’s worth your time and likes.



First up, we had a fun match of two games between Snow Tsunami and Rising Lotus which featured a couple tweaks to the draft. Game One featured only Heroes with Summer Skins. The match was pretty even, but Snow Tsunami came out on top as their CP Saw worked out better than Lotus’s CP Kestrel. The second game ran a reverse draft: each team had to draft heroes for the other team. The main thing here was trying to pick Heroes that the other team would struggle with. We saw a fun draft with no Protector on either side. Tsunami was way ahead this game in a dominant show of muscle.

Next we had a grudge match between North America (BestChuckNA, e36,PONtheOriginal) and Europe (Emirking and KValafar along with Sn3aKy). Keep in mind the first match was played on EU servers for a slight disadvantage to NA players. That slight disadvantage looked huge after EU took a huge first win. The WP Lance pick on Sn3aKy was doing insane work, entirely shutting down PON’s jungle. They had a 10+ kill lead by the 15th minute and won the game with Kraken. The second game convinced me that the Server could be making the difference as the NA squad won big this time… and this game was played on the NA server. PON’s WP Skye did a great job. They had a 13k gold lead in the 16th minute, with an 18 kill lead to boot. NA won with a great push sans Kraken.

For the next two matches, the baton was handed over to the next set of players: WalDeMar, Raph and Mowglie for EU versus VONC, MICSHE and LostBoyToph for NA. VONC got his famous Kestrel which really wasn’t good for our buddies in the EU, as VONC played like a beast. MICSHE also had a good Samuel, giving the Fold’s newest Hero a solid first performance in the EVIL8. LostBoyToph was just doing his stuff, silently pushing the team forward into a landslide victory. The next game, NA was forced to go double CP, with VONC going an unusual CP Saw which didn’t work out so well. This game was much more suited to the Europeans, and Raph showed off some amazing Glaive plays. They won, equalizing the second series.

The next two games, NA was represented by FlashX, StartingAllOver and Statusbaked with L3oN, Asater and Bayu fighting for EU. This next game was a lot more even, continuing on until the 20 minute mark–which really didn’t work out well for Asater’s WP Lance. Statusbaked also had a very strong Kestrel, and NA took this round’s first victory. The next game saw the return of dominating wins, this time back with a vengeance. The North American team could have started a clinic with an insanely great combination of Kestrel from StartingAllOver and Samuel from StatusBaked. The pair racked up 31 kills and won in just 11 minutes.

Next up on the rotating roster were SuiJeneris, Oldskool and iLoveJoseph for NA versus Kentysik, AeOn and KValafar for EU. This game was also very one-sided towards NA. Oldskool was an absolute menace on Adagio. Also, Krul wasn’t working out so well for AeOn with a very good performance on Roam Lyra from SuiJeneris. With this victory, NA were guaranteed the overall victory. They took this as no reason to go easy on EU the next game, however, with another huge win. iLoveJoseph showed us all exactly what WP Taka is made of, helping his team to a 22 kill lead by the end of the match.

To bring the first day to an end, we had an NA version of the match with the tweaked drafts, again with a Summer Party Draft and a Reverse Draft. This game saw Hammers Kinetic going up against Nemesis Hydra. The Summer Party game was very close. In the 17th minute, the gold lead was only 2k ahead in the favor of Hammers Kinetic with the kills being dead even. The game went to Nemesis Hydra, though with a 19 minute ace. The Reverse Draft saw SuiJeneris getting stuck with a Roam Koshka, MICSHE on Rona and LostBoyToph on Roam Petal. This second game was also very close. MICSHE was doing work on Rona, though with a great Serpents Mask, Breaking Point  power spike. Hammers got an ace in the 15th minute for the win.

DAY 2:

The day started off with the EU Summer Party and Reverse Draft. This time, it was G2 Esports vs SK Gaming. For the Summer Party draft, the two teams had a mirror comp with minor differences in builds. They both had Lane CP Saw, Jungle WP Kestrel and Roam Phinn. Even so, the game was very much in SK’s favor. They had a 17 kill, 5k gold lead by the time the Vain shattered. Cr3am had a much better CP Saw than PRZ. The Reverse Draft resulted in a Roam Krul on Face and a Roam BF on Bayu. This game was also highly favored to SK Gaming with a 12 kill, 10k gold lead at the end.

Next up for the day, we had the Captain Draft Rosters where the Captains feom NA/EU were allowed to pick out a team of 3 NA/EU players.

For the first series Team KValafar (VONC, Statusbaked, XenoTek) went up against Team BestChuckNA (GreatKhALI, Lookatme, Emirking). The First match was very even and was pushed beyond the 20 minute mark. By this point, Team KValafar was way behind on objectives but still had the gold lead. At the 23rd minute, though, Team BestChuckNA got the Ace for the win with a strong late game Skaarf and an insane Krul from Lookatme. Team KValafar dominated the next match with a very strong WP Lance from VONC and a great Kestrel from KValafar. XenoTek was forced to go Roam, again, but had a great Roam Lyra. The next game was also dominated by team KValafar with another great showing on Roam Lyra and a superb CP Saw by VONC.
Next, we had Team LostBoyToph (DarkPotato, Bayu, Asater) vs Team Mowglie (FlashX, Hardek, MICSHE). This game saw two famous Roamers, LostBoyToph and FlashX playing carry role. LostBoyToph was way more suited to carrying with a very good Kestrel with FlashX going for a all damage WP Lance, which fell off hard in the late game. This huge drop in power provided the opportunity for Team LostBoyToph to win very convincingly, and they delivered all the way. The next game saw both LostBoyToph and FlashX returning to roam. This game was pretty even in terms of kills, but Team LostBoyToph had a huge lead on pushing turrets. When trying a backdoor, though, Bayu was caught out, and promptly slain. But Team LostBoyToph wasn’t done, as Asater managed to pull off a great 2v3 for the Ace and the win.
For the finals, we had Team LostBoyToph vs Team KValafar. In the first game, despite going up against a WP Lance, Team KValafar did quite well in the early game. VONC had a great Samuel and the Adagio from KValafar was unbeatable. Team KValafar won with an 11 kill lead. The next game, VONC went for a WP Taka, which was absolutely insane. LostBoyToph also tried his luck on Kestrel again, but this time it did not work out. XenoTek got to finally go carry on Adagio with KValafar going Roam Lyra. Something interesting to point out from these finals: VONC went for a lot of damage on his Taka with most WP Taka’s build more defensively. In the 16th minute, LostBoyToph was able to steal a Kraken, but it didn’t matter. Team KValafar got an ace immediately afterwards and pushed for the win, completely ignoring Kraken. They won with another massive 21 kill lead.

Next we had the NA Summer Party Draft and Reverse Draft matches featuring Legacy Reborn and Liberation X.
This game, we finally got to see PON on his famous WP Saw. e36 went for a Roam Krul. Both teams went for double WP comps. This game was pretty even between both teams. Towards the tenth minute, though, LibX started to build up a slight lead. That slight lead was the key, and they were able to push up to the Crystal by building upon it. Legacy was able to secure an Ace in the 23rd minute and pushed up two turrets and got Kraken. LibX tried for a last ditch base race but were shut down. Legacy didn’t get the ace, but only ttigers remained back at base. Legacy pushed for the win and took it. For the Reverse Draft match, we saw R3cKeD on a Roam Rona and e36 on a Roam Koshka. We also saw ttigers on a Lane CP Ozo. This game turned out to be very even. In the 14th minute, the gold difference was barely a thousand in the favor of Legacy and the Kills were even. Both teams pushed all the way to their enemies’ bases, and in the 21st minute, Legacy’s Reim, Rona, Skaarf comp got an Ace for the last win of the day!


I hope you had fun reading this round-up. This week’s matches in EVIL8 were very fun–no stakes, just pure fun. Tune in next week for coverage of the Live Championships.

eSports Vainglory News

Weekly News Round Up

In Vainglory news over the past week, we have seen a couple guides and giveaways to go through and to take part in along with some more action from the eSports scene.

Phinn Skin Giveaway:

In case you haven’t had much luck winning the special seasonal skin from your favorite streamers, SEMC has announced a giveaway of their own.  To take part, you just have to tweet an image of you doing a Phinn cosplay with the tag #PhinnishMe. You must be following @Vainglory to be eligible. Read the full details here.

Guides; Samuel, LP Queue:

Following the release of Samuel, the latest hero on the fold, an official breakdown of the hero has been released. Read it here to give yourself an edge over the other early adopters. We also have a new article from BicycleSquid explaining the new Low Priority Queue that can be read here.

skin sales:

With the 1.21 update, we got a bunch of new skins to show off. To our delight, SEMC has announced that all these skins will be on sale for a limited time. The Summer Party Kestrel skin is 50% off while Tier 3 Reim and Tier 2 Alpha are both 25% off. All these skins can be bought with ICE or crafted. Note when buying with ICE, you do not have to buy the skins in order. This means that you can buy that Tier 3 skin which you can’t seem to save essence up for directly without using up your precious ICE on the other Tiers.


The main headline for eSports this week was the fight for the top seed in the  Live Championships. Read on to see how your favorite team fared.

Day 1:


Series 1 – Team Secret vs Snow Tsunami –

TS already has a guaranteed spot as the top seed for the Live Championships, but that didn’t stop them from showing Tsunami what they’re made of. The early game was very passive from the Jungle on TS’ side which is good considering they were running a Krul. In the seventh minute, though, Tsunami had a really good engage bringing out a double kill for their first turret and a full gold mine. Lookatme on Koshka looked very dominant. They were meant to win the early game with their draft and they were doing it. They got a three kill lead early but the following 2 fights were one-for-one trades. By the 15th minute, TS got a wonderful engage for a very clean Ace, turret and Kraken. They went from not taking a single turret to having just one turret left to push through. Team Secret followed it up with a one-for-three fight, getting an Ace and Kraken at the 20th minute. Tsunami tried to engage after the release to save the game, but couldn’t hold Secret off.
The second game started off pretty strong for Tsunami with a strong Saw from Lookatme but TS quickly got a couple kills of their own in the 8th minute while also cashing in on a huge gold mine. Later on, they were ever so slightly overextended in Lane and gave up a kill which Tsunami converted into a turret. Tsunami took a risk, trying to take gold mine in the 13th minute with TS close, and Secret was able to steal it away. In a drawn out fight in the 15th minute, TS got an Ace after Tsunami looked for a fight that they didn’t need. Team Secret got the Kraken and a turret from the Ace, but could only get one more turret from the push. The Glaive + Lance combo was really working out for them and didn’t seem to be falling off too bad. After winning a few more fights, Secret took the Kraken and a win to continue their dominance in the EU.

Series 2 – Gankstars Cerberus vs Snow Avalanche –

We got a double CP comp from Avalanche with a CP Ringo from Kentysik and Skaarf from WalDeMar. The game started out very strong for GSC with a rather large 4k gold, 4 kill lead in the 8th minute. Avalanche lost their first turret in the 10th minute after GSC got a kill on WalDeMar. AeOn had a very strong CP Skye and L3oN showed a strong roam Lyra as well. Well timed heals and slows from Iraqi were also super helpful. They pushed up to a 6k gold lead by the 13th minute. GSC got two kills with a huge engage in the 17th minute for Kraken and won with the push.
In the second game, AeOn went for Krul with IraqiZorro on Skye. Even so, GSC were very aggressive and got a large kill lead in the early game. In the 16th minute, GSC got a pretty strong fight but noticed kentysik was AFK and chose to wait it out, bringing on the pause. In the 17th minute, GSC started out kraken and got it before Avalanche could respond. In the ensuing fight, GSC got an Ace for a very strong push. They were forced to back off, though with only one crystal turret remaining for Avalanche. They got another Ace right after, losing Iraqi but still able to push for the series win.

Series 3 – SK gaming vs Rising Lotus –

The first half of the first game wasn’t streamed but in the 16th minute, SK got a clean Ace after what seemed to be a very even first half of the game. They got Kraken from the Ace and ultimately won after getting two kills during the push.
The second game saw SK taking a very commanding lead in the early with a huge 10 kill lead in just 6 minutes–even taking 3 turrets down in the same time! They also had a 7k gold lead at this point. Playing Kestrel like a true Saw push comp, they finished the game in just 9 1/2 minutes.

Series 4 – G2 Esports vs Mousesports –

The first game started off pretty even between teams. Despite a slight kill deficit for G2, the gold was rather even. REDemption brought out a CP Ringo.  In the eighth minute, G2 were able to get themselves an Ace and a turret. They got another three kills to follow for the gold mine. G2’s momentum staggered, as the team gave up several kills. It was anybody’s game. Mousesports were running a WP Lance which was a real variable that seemed to affect G2. Again, G2 got two kills in the 15th minute for Kraken, a turret and then a final Ace during the push to take the first game home.
The next game was also very close. Despite a grim start from Mousesports, they came back with some very good wombo combos using Phinn and Kestrel. They even got a large gold lead and three turrets down by the 15th minute. MagestiC’s Reim was falling way too quickly in fights, owing to a double range comp from Mousesports, who got a series of kills in the minutes to follow and looked to the Kraken in the 17th minute. In the fight that ensued, Moousesports got two kills and pushed for the win.
With the newfound confidence and momentum, Mousesports started out the third game very strong. The WP Kestrel from SLAINE was very strong and Emirking had a strong Roam Lyra as well. They had about a 13 kill lead by the 15th minute. After getting two kills in the 15th minute, they got Kraken and started their push. Asater was afk during the push, so they weren’t able to get the win from it. The teamplay from Mousesports was spot on this game. Asater did not come back before the pause limit was reached, however, and the game went on without him. Being one player down, G2 were able to get two kills and Kraken from it. Asater came back at this point. They got two turrets from the push. In the next fight, G2 lost out two-for-one and Mousesports started on Kraken. REDemption engaged 2v1 and got one kill and G2 got the Kraken. During the push, though, G2 gave up an Ace and Mousesports base raced for the win.


Series 1 – Team Solomid vs Nemesis Titan –

TSM started pretty strong with a strong WP Lance from VONC. They got an Ace in the 8th minute, leading to a turret and full gold mine. In just 13 minutes, TSM took down two turrets and had an 11 kill lead. TSM got another Ace in the 16th minute for Kraken. They were able to push with it up until Titan’s final turret. DragonDagger on the side of Titan brought out a Crystal Taka which is seldom seen in competitive play, and it was seen why when FlashX actually built a bunch of vision! In the 19th minute, though, Titan were able to get two kills but couldn’t get much more from it. TSM bought the game back with a 21 minute clean Ace for the win.
The second game saw VONC going Reim, with didn’t really go well in EU. TSM started out with a relatively quick 3 kills and had 2 more soon to follow. The kills and the lead kept building up for TSM as they pushed down all the lane turrets before the fifteenth minute. BestChuckNA showed off a very strong WP Kestrel. TSM took a risk and tried to start off Kraken and it actually worked out for them. They were able to release it and got an Ace from the fight that ensued for the win.

Series 2 – Ardent Aurora vs Phoenix Reborn –

WizardSibs brought out a Koshka, a hero which got a couple buffs over the past two updates putting her right back in the meta. It does fall off pretty hard late, though. Then again, Reborn had a WP Lance on XenoTek which is also known for having a pretty bad fall off. The early game, as can be expected, was pretty close. Double CP didn’t seem to be working out so well for Aurora and they started to allow a small lead to grow of about 2k by the 9th minute. Just with the tenth minute, Reborn were able to pick up a very decisive Ace. Aurora did not have nearly enough damage for a fight at the point. They got a turret from it and tried taking gold mine but Aurora were able to take it away from them. Aurora also traded a death on WizardSibs for a shutdown on XenoTek which allowed them to get a turret of their own. In the 15th minute, the double fountain on Reborn was used to perfection allowing them an ace and Kraken. Reborn got two kills during the push and were able to secure the win.
In the second game, WizardSibs stole away the WP Lance from Reborn and XenoTek went WP Kestrel. In the fourth minute, Reborn was slightly overextended in lane allowing Aurora to get the first two kills. Reborn were slowly able to get the two kills back, though. In the tenth minute, Reborn got another two kills with a huge Solar Storm from StartingAllOver, and the team got a Turret from it. They also took gold mine for a 6k gold lead by the 12th minute.  Reborn got an Ace for the second turret owing to a well farmed Kestrel on XenoTek. Ardent got two kills during the push allowing them to kill Kraken just before it destroyed the turret, but to no avail: Reborn went straight for the crystal and shattered it.

Series 3 – Hammers Kinetic vs Nemesis Hydra –

For the first game, PONtheOriginal went for Saw after a really long absence on the Hero. He put a huge amount of pressure on Lane and Nemesis lost their first two turrets very early. Kinetic were also able to get a gold mine for a 5k gold lead in the 9th minute. They got the third turret in the tenth minute after getting a kill on Hydra’s Skaarf. They got another kill on Skye with a very well placed ult from MICSHE forcing the rest of Hydra back to base. Kinetic took advantage of this for Kraken. They got two kills during the push for the win.
Game 2 saw PONtheOriginal going for WP Skye.  Even going against a WP comp, Kinetic had a very clean game. The only thing they really got from the game was a turret that they burst down in the 12th minute. Apart from that they didn’t even get a single kill. MICSHE had a very dominant CP Vox. They got Kraken in the fifteenth minute after getting a kill on LostBoyToph and won with the push.

Series 4 – Hammers Velocity vs Phoenix Reign –

StatusBaked brought out a WP Lance and got a quick kill for first blood. He had insane damage to start the game out with WP Lance’s early game prowess and pretty much owned the jungle. With a good hook from e36 in the 13th minute, Reign were able to get a turret, gold mine and Velocity’ backs for a 5 1/2k gold lead. In the 16th minute, another great pull by e36 and great kiting by Oldskool for two kills and Kraken. They got the ace during the ace for the win bringing out a TSM special.
In the second draft, Reign were able to bring back Celeste and Phinn. They couldn’t draft their WP Lance again, and picked Skye to replace Lance in Jungle. CP Skye, mind you, for a double CP comp. Zio also opted for a CP Saw which isn’t really seen that much in competitive play. The early game saw a couple kills going to either side; the game remained more or less even. For the most part up until the 13th minute, both teams got very close to getting kills but couldn’t seal the deal and ended up backing off. In the 13th minute, there was another one-for-one trade. Six minutes later, Reign got two kills which allowed them to get two turrets, but no one was going for Kraken quite yet. In the 21st minute, though, Reign were able to get an ace for Kraken. Reign used all their abilities just as you would expect pros to. During the push they got another ace for the win.

Day 2:


Series 1 – Team Secret vs SK Gaming –

Team Secret opted for a Koshka, which really hasn’t seen much success in the series yet. KValafar also went for a Lane Rona which lead Raph on the side of SK to go for Reim to counter the double melee comp. TS started out very strong early as would be expected with Koshka.  They kept picking up kills every now and then, racking up a pretty large 11 kill lead by just the 10th minute. They also had a 6k gold lead. They picked up a turret whenever they could after getting a kill or two and got the second turret in the 11th minute. In the 13th minute, Palmatoro was able to lock up Reim for a kill and another turret at the choke point into SK’s base. In the 14th minute, KValafar and Mowglie went 2v3 and Still won the fight for two kills and SK were able to finish the game, granting Koshka her first win of the week.
This game, Palmatoro went for WP Lance and KValafar got his signature Saw, going the CP route this time. They got the first turret just 2 minutes in, not even bothering to wait till they get a kill or two. They did, however get two kills in the 7th minute and used it to get a gold mine. Secret tried going for another gold mine in the 10th minute but SK was able to steal this one away. TS got another Ace in the thirteenth minute and leveraged it for another turret. SK got a kill of their own in the minutes to follow, but not without losing one to KValafar. They always seemed to lose any slight advantage they could muster by being slightly over aggressive. In the 16th minute, TS got yet another ace with Helga to go. They got two kills even before Kraken could push forward and won the game.

Series 2 – Gankstars Cerberus vs Mousesports –

We saw another WP Lance for the day on AeOn, this time. GSC were very strong through the early and mid game, picking up kills one after another but not really managing to get an Ace. They got the first turret in the 7th minute after getting a couple kills in the Jungle. They got another 2 kills in the tenth minute and got the second turret from it. GSC had a 13 kill and 6k gold lead by the 12th minute. They got an Ace in the 15th minute, nearly losing AeOn but managing to get through without giving up any kills. They got Kraken and a turret from the push. GSC gave up an ace during the push, but were able to destroy everything except for the crystal with the push. In the 20th minute, AeOn tried to backdoor while SK were taking the Kraken. The backdoor failed when all of SK recalled–except Emirking, who was able to finish capturing the Kraken alone. Mousesports got two turrets with Helga and brought the gold lead down to 3k. There was an incredibly close two-for-two trade in the 23rd minute where Mousesports nearly lost it all, but Asater on Skye cleaned up, taking down Aeon and IraqiZorro forcing L3oN to flee. In the 27th minute, GSC seemed to make good with a 2 for 1 trade in their favor but they ended up losing Iraqi to a great Snipe from SLAINE on Kestrel. L3oN feigned a backdoor, forcing SLAINE to recall and preventing him from pushing a turret. Keep in mind here, that the side of Mousesports had very good vision with scout traps while GSC had none. Finally, in the 29th minute, following a bad engage by Mousesports owing to a slightly overextended Asater, GSC were able to get an Ace for the win in this marathon match!
SLAINE on the side of Mousesports picked up a Glaive for Game Two and was countered by a Roam Lyra pick by L3oN. Mousesports started out the second game way better than the first actually taking down the first turret in only two minutes. GSC were down three kills until the 7th minute when they got an Ace, from which they got their first turret. From here on, GSC started to slowly build up a kill lead and amassed a 2k gold lead by the 13th minute. At this time, GSC got another Ace for the second turret and a gold mine. By the 15th minute they had 10 kill and 5k gold leads. In the 18th minute, GSC went for a sneaky Kraken capture and got away with it since Mousesports had very little vision this game. GSC lost the Kraken with one crystal turret left but Mousesports got a little ahead of themselves with an engage that they really didn’t need and gave up an Ace–which GSC took all the way to win the game.

Series 3 – Mousesports vs SK Gaming –

The early game went slightly in the favor of SK with a very strong Jungle Adagio from Raph. Following a kill on Asatar, SK rushed for the first turret in the 6th minute.They also got an Ace in the 10th minute for another turret. SK seemed to be bringing out the classic buff comp with a very strong WP Ringo and CP Adagio. Despite losing Cr3am early in a fight in the 12th minute, SK got another Ace after a huge Verse from Adagio that picked up a double kill and allowed Bayu to finish off Emirking. They got another turret from this along with a gold mine to increase their gold lead to 5k. They got another Ace in the 15th minute and finished the game.
The second match saw another WP Lance, this time on Asater, and as expected they had a very strong early game despite going up against a Reim on the side of SK. In the 5th minute though, SK were able to pick up three kills of their own to equalize the kill score. The kills remained about equal throughout the early-mid game. Even gold leads were pretty non-existent. In the 16th minute, SK were able to get 2 kills and picked up Kraken afterwards. During the push, SK got two kills to push up to the crystal, but gave up an Ace after due to their full team being very low on energy. Even with that turn, the game remained very close in terms of gold. Mousesports got two kills to follow, and took a turret of their own. SK quickly came back to get two final kills and ignored Asater as they destroyed the turret and Vain Crystal for the win.

Series 4 – Team Secret vs Gankstars Cerberus –

As before, Palmatoro tried his luck on Koshka but it didnt seem to be working out that great in the early game with AeOn on WP Lance pulling off some good jungle invades and GSC getting 3 kills early. After getting another two kills in the 7th minute, GSC went on to get a gold mine for themselves. By now they built up a 2k gold lead and a 7 kill lead. After getting a kill on KValafar in the 10th minute, GSC pushed for the first turret. Between then and the 15th minute, GSC have built up a pretty large lead with a couple more kills for a total of 11 kills to nil and a 7k gold lead. GSC took a huge risk in starting off the gold mine without having Crucible up. This lead to Mowglie pulling them all in and a shut down on IraqiZorro and AeOn, forcing L3oN to retreat. TS took the Kraken for themselves. During the push, GSC got an Ace but lost three turrets to the push. They got another Ace in the 18th minute getting the Ace for the win. A major factor for this was IraqiZorro missing out on blocking the Koshka ult. The comebacks were real.
KValafar got his signature Saw for the second game. The early bit of the game was a lot more even with 4 kills apiece and GSC still having only a slight gold lead. Cerberus put huge pressure on the lane during the seventh minute and were able to get the first turret without even having to get a kill. That didn’t stop Iraqi from getting the kill on KValafar after the turret fell, though. By the 11th minute, GSC had built up a 6k gold lead and a 4 kill lead to go with it. They got another turret when the whole of TS was down in the Jungle. Again, they destroyed a turret in the 13th minute with all 3 members of TS still up. Only the crystal turrets remain. In the 15th minute, GSC got an Ace in the base of TS and pushed for the win. Nevermind on that comebacks thing, Team Secret lost for the second time this split.
The final game was way more typical of TS. They built up a 6 kill lead by the 9th minute with the last two games being a mirror image of this one, this was good for them. Even with the kill lead the gold was very close due to superior Jungle farming from the side of GSC. This was expected, though, since Palmatoro was playing a Krul. TS got a kill in the 13th minute and used it to get the first turret. They also got a gold mine for a 2k gold lead. TS started out the Kraken but GSC tried to contest it. Bye, Iraqi! TS disengaged Kraken and caught Iraqi while the rest of GSC retreated. They went back to Helga after this, much to her joy. She returned the favor by helping TS win the game after getting one final Ace during the push.


Series 1 – Phoenix Reign vs Hammers Kinetic –

The first game started out very even with the only real advantage being with Kinetic in that they got a turret after a pretty aggressive play from MICSHE. Apart from that, the gold and kill leads were non-existent. In the 13th minute though, Reign was able to get an Ace from a grim looking fight after a beautiful Solar Storm from Oldskool. Phoenix took down a turret and captured a gold mine on the back of the play. After this they got another two kills with some insane mechanics from Oldskool. Yeah, Goldskool is the perfect name for him. They got another turret from this. Reign followed it up immediately with an Ace. They didn’t use it to get Kraken, but they did get another turret and the entirety of Kinetic’s Jungle. Seeing that Kinetic went after their minion mine, Reign took a Kraken anyway. In a very close mid push fight, two members each of Kinetic and Reign fell, leaving only StatusBaked and PONtheOriginal to battle it out. PON had a narrow edge and got Kinetic the Ace, but the damage had been done with only Kinetic’s crystal left standing. In the twentieth minute, Reign got an Ace and finished the job.
This next game, PON got his signature Saw. MICSHE also stole Celeste over from Oldskool. They took the early game for themselves. Kinetic put massive pressure on the lane and got the first two turrets in just 6 minutes. Kinetic also got a gold mine for a 4k gold lead in 8 minutes. After an Ace, Kinetic got the third turret in just 9 minutes. They got another Ace and a gold mine payout in the 10th minute. In the 14th minute, Kinetic got another Ace, pushing down everything for the win before Helga could even make an appearance.
In the third game, PON got his Saw yet again. This time, though, Reign were prepared for it with a nice double heal comp to help them along. It seemed to be working with the early game kill advantage going over to Reign. Despite this, gold leads were negligible. In the 5th minute, though, PON took down the first turret when Reign was missing from the Lane. Five minutes later, Reign returned with some pressure of their own and destroyed Hammers’ first turret. Reign were also able to get the gold mine for a decent gold payout without Kinetic noticing. In the 15th minute, Reign pulled another sneak one and got Kraken on their side. They won with the push.

Series 2 – Team Solomid vs Phoenix Reborn –

TSM started off with a pretty strong early game. VONC on WP Lance was doing work. They pushed up into a 6 minute turret. They took a risk and tried getting the gold mine in the eighth minute but R3cKeD made a great save–he stole it away using Lyra’s Imperial Sigil. TSM were not deterred and aggressively fought for another two kills and the second turret. They built up a 3k gold lead by the 10th minute along with a 7 kill lead. In the 16th minute, TSM got 2 more kills for a turret and Kraken. During the push, TSM got the Ace for the win.
The second game saw a WP Kestrel on XenoTek, and Rona on VONC, Oh, and yeah.. A Roam Koshka on FlashX! The early game went the way of Reborn. They built it up to a 3k gold, 5 kill lead by the tenth minute. CP Saw wasn’t working too well for BestChuckNA. TSM did get the first turret but Reborn answered immediately with a turret of their own and a gold mine. Reborn got a clean Ace in the 18th minute for the third turret and Kraken. They got another Ace during the push for the win.
The final game was a lot more even in the early part. This time ’round, BestChuckNA went for Lane CP Joule with FlashX going for a Roam Adagio. It was a somewhat slow early game as well, with only a total of 7 kills by the 13th minute, but TSM lived up and took the first turret at that point. They got a bit over-aggressive after the small victory and lost two members. In the 16th minute, TSM sneaked a Kraken without any contest from Reborn. During the push, TSM only got the third turret and conceded an Ace, not quite pulling off the TSM special. Reborn got their first turret from the Ace. TSM lost out, giving another Ace to Reborn, who answered with Kraken and a turret. TSM got two kills during the push and were able to kill Kraken with one turret left. Team Solomid lost out on the next fight as well with the ults from BestChuckNA being rather underwhelming. Reborn took home the victory.

Series 3 – Phoenix Reborn vs Phoenix Reign –

For the finals, we have yet another match between sister teams, Reborn and Reign. The game started out with a pretty strong early game from Reign. They built up a slight kill lead by the sixth minute. Reign took a risk in trying to get the gold mine in the 7th minute, and it payed off despite contest from Reborn. This gave them a 2k gold lead. After getting a kill on XenoTek in the eighth minute, Reign took down the first turret. They got another two kills in the 9th minute allowing them to push for the second turret and take it down as well. Reign also got the gold mine afterwards for a 6k gold lead and followed that up with an Ace in the 12th minute. StatusBaked was an absolute monster on Glaive, bringing out insane damage, and Oldskool also used his abilities perfectly for maximum damage and crowd control on Reborn. The later part of the game wasn’t streamed but Reign ended as the first match victors.
The second game started out with the kill lead going over to Reborn, but the gold lead was in Reign’s hands anyways. Reborn got an Ace after catching out Oldskool and e36 deep in their Jungle, and got the first turret from this advantage. In the tenth minute though, Reign got themselves two kills under Reborn’s turret and they destroyed the turret after. Reign also got another gold mine for a 1k gold lead. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was good considering they were down by 6 kills at that point. Reign got a kill on XenoTek that allowed them to take the second turret. By the come of the 15 minute mark, Reign pulled out a sneaky Kraken and in the ensuing fight, got two kills and went on to get the Ace for the winning push.

Series 4 – Team Solomid vs Hammers Kinetic (Third Place Match)

These games weren’t streamed; Hammers Kinetic won 2-0.


Screenshot (33)


Screenshot (34)Screenshot (35)


Screenshot (36)

This past week we saw some sweet opportunities for skins, more detailed information on Samuel and LPQ, all on top of a ton of competitive action in the Evil 8. Hope you enjoyed this week’s news, be sure to return next week for another Weekly News Round Up!

eSports Vainglory News

Weekly News Round Up

The past week has seen more reveals about Samuel than we’d have ever expected along with a couple new skins which are sure to get you instalocking heroes just to stare in awe at your beautiful new skins.

samuel; abilities, in game, lore; Vainglory 1.21 patch notes released.

No, the sub heading didn’t mention one too many details of the new hero. We have pretty much all the details we need to get a pretty clear idea of what to expect from our new dark mage. Check out the in-game footage here,and his Lore, “The Nightmare“. His abilities can be checked out along with the rest of the patch notes.


The special Summer Skin for update 1.21 has been announced and is a stunning rendition of Kestrel on the beach. 13900163_1784229781846941_6592853618492727624_n

The skin features:

  • Snorkel and flippers for nautical sniping
  • Sushi-hunting spear gun
  • Basic attack fires a harpoon that sprays water and bubbles on impact
  • All-new aqua-missile Glimmershots
  • Active Camo releases a sea mine into a pool of water, bursting and soaking enemies when detonated
  • One Shot, One Soaked enemy!
  • Dolphin-kick sprint animation

For a full sneak-peak and the alternate fates lore, check in here.

SEMC has also revealed new ways we can unlock Summer Party Phinn, mainly consisting of giveaways for the time being. The full list can be read on the official site.


The folks over at SEMC are going to be travelling to Germany to attend GamesCon in Cologne. They will be available at the Twitch and Amazon booths. The full details are available here.

community contributions:

Fresh from the Vainglory community is a hilarious song about Tension Bow Taka. You can check it out here.

Below we have some fan art by the amazing community.13895399_1785443778392208_2380528098194180294_n

(Done by @hallu_salato on twitter)

esports (spoilers.. duh.)

This week in Vainglory eSports saw the challenger battles between EVIL 8 teams and the Challengers for a spot in the EVIL 8. These high stake matches were pretty exciting and had huge potential for upsets.


Series 1: SK Gaming vs Team Elysium

Much to my liking, corteZ on the side of Team Elysium brought out a CP Taka. The first match seemed to be going in the favor of SK with some spot on Quibbles from Raph and an early 3 kill lead. That lead diminished rather quickly though, as corteZ began to scale up on Taka. Elysium got two kills during the 16th minute and were able to release Kraken. MEDIC got jumped on and died during the push, but SK only lost two turrets from it. Elysium got another clean ace at the 20th minute and won the game with it.

The second game saw a slow early game with corteZ switching over to Skye and MEDIC going to CP Ringo. iloH4uK started to do some work at about the 5th minute with a strong WP Lance. SK got another 2 kills right under Elysium’s turret at the 8th minute, then were able to take that same turret. Again, though, Elysium returned with 4 kills of their own and nearly evened out the gold. They really couldn’t do much past that and conceded a 9 kill lead by the 15th minute, a huge factor being how split they were, not working as a team. SK won the game.

For the third game, corteZ went back to Taka, pulling out a WP Taka this time–a good choice considering the heal from Adagio on SK’s side. The third game was pretty slow with only one kill going over to SK until the 11th minute when Elysium got a kill to answer. This kicked off the action and Elysium went on the get an ace and two turrets. They picked up another two kills in the 16th minute and were able to get Kraken from it. Helga and Elysium finished the game after getting two kills on carries during the push.

The fourth game saw another CP Taka from corteZ and a Glaive from Aeroniac. SK? They had Reim. Yeah. Not the best news for a triple melee comp. Even had a Lance to keep them away from their carries. All this spelled out a dominant win for SK winning in 15 minutes conceding only 3 kills to Elysium.

The fifth and final game started out pretty quickly with two quick kills going to either side. Elysium started to push forward, slowly but surely. The got a clean ace in the 15th minute with an amazing Solar Storm from corteZ giving them the Kraken with 4 turrets to go through. Did they pull a TSM special? No. They could only get two turrets from it after which they were aced, allowing SK to take a turret themselves. In the following fight, probably the most controversial thing was corteZ not using his ultimate, which could possibly have gotten them the ace. Elysium ended up giving away another ace and two turrets. Elysium had no vision near the gold mine area which allowed SK to pull a sneaky one and unleash Kraken. In the next fight, corteZ used his ultimate pretty late. During the delay in releasing it, the SK team was able to get pretty far and this distance allowed both IloH4uK and MEDIC to dodge the ult and only Phinn died to it. Kraken brought all but one turret down. SK were able to use one final Ace to win the game in an extremely close series.

Series 2: Snow Tsunami vs Angry Pandas Black.

The start of the first game went hugely in favor of Snow Tsunami. They had Lookatme on Saw who put enormous pressure on the Lane. It took only 4 minutes for the first turret to go down. 7 minutes for the second turret (they had a 5 kill lead by this point). Tsunami even got a gold mine and opened a 4k gold lead. They got another 2 kills and were going on a rampage, destroying the 4th turret in just the 10th minute. They got two kills and immediately went to the final turret to finish the game in an astonishingly dominant 12 minutes.

Tsunami pulled out the same Saw, Skye comp again for the second match with the only change being Roam Phinn instead of Roam Lyra. Much like last time, Tsunami got a large early game lead of 6 kills and 3k gold. It did, however take them a full 9 minutes for the first turret. They got an Ace and the second turret in the 13th minute. Tsunami had a 11 kill and 8k gold lead by the 15th minute. Not talked about much was Araxi who had an amazing Skye. His 11 kill streak made him a nightmare for Angry Pandas. Following two kills, Tsunami were able to get the Kraken. They did over stay their welcome, though, and despite exposing the Vain Crystal they gave up an Ace. Tsunami brought out the backdoor for the second win.

The third game saw quite a few changes including the swapping out of Daniir for TonyLuo on the side of Angry Pandas. Tony got his signature pick, Taka which was interestingly played as a Lane WP Taka. On the side of Tsunami, Lookatme went for CP Jungle Fortress. Tsunami started off once again with two early kills. Lookatme and Sosiska were caught out taking the enemies minion mine, though, and gave up two kills to Angry Pandas. In the 7th minute, Tony was forced to return to base giving Tsunami a chance to get the first turret. Angry Pandas returned with a vengeance and an Ace, and were even able to get a gold mine and Tsunami’s back Jungle camps. They didn’t attempt to go for the turret. Tsunami were able to catch LeyaLeya out and got killed both her and dinoEgg. They were also able to sneak out a gold mine pick. In a fight that followed, Tsunami brought all the members of Angry pandas low but couldn’t get any kills, even losing Lookatme during the fight. At the 15th minute, though, Tsunami got a clean Ace, Kraken and a turret to go along with it. During the push Angry Pandas took out Araxi and Sosiska and were able to kill Kraken just before it destroyed the last turret. Tsunami followed through on their momentum, finding another fight and took out all three Angry Pandas for the ace and the win.


Series 1: Necrolyte vs Nemesis Titan

The first match saw an interesting pick from Nemesis in the “Carry Cath” on DragonDagger. The start was pretty even with DragonDagger being very passive in Jungle. StutterStephh did steal a bunch of farm from Nemesis’s side, but Dragon was able to counter jungle pretty well due to their team’s vision. Necrolyte were able to get a gold mine and had superior jungle farming giving them a 2k gold lead by the 10th minute. Nemesis had an amazing engage in the 15th minute with a triple stun from Gauntlet and a Blast Tremor along with 3 infusions on the side of Nemesis. All this led to an Ace and a Kraken capture. They also got an Ace during the push and were able to finish the game, putting Nemesis on top 1-0.

In the second game, Dragon opted for a WP Jungle Lance. The start was very even and gold leads were pretty negligible until about the 13th minute when Nemesis was able to secure an ace and take a turret down. In the 15th minute, StutterStephh was overextended and Nemesis were able to transform this from one mistake into an Ace. After taking a turret they moved onto Kraken. Necrolyte contested, and although they couldn’t get the steal, they fought hard and managed to grab two kills. This allowed them to kill Kraken relatively quickly, only giving away one turret. In the 21st minute, Necrolyte was able to get two more kills and their first turret. In the 23rd minute, they followed this up with an ace and a Kraken. They got another Ace during the push for the win. During the last couple fights, Riesgo’s Phinn wasn’t able to use Fountain or Crucible for Nemesis, which really hurt them.

Nemesis Titan won the third game because Necrolyte surrendered in a moment of confusion, despite not really intending to do so. By the EVIL 8 rules, the win went over to Nemesis, putting them up 2-1.

The fourth game saw StutterStephh trying his hand at CP Saw. The early game was mainly Nemesis building up a lead slowly but surely, as was very apparent at the 13-14 minute mark when they started bringing out Aces by capitalizing on Necrolyte’s squishy Saw. They got another 2 kills at the 15th minute and unleashed Kraken, allowing them to push for the win the game with it. Nemesis Titan will move into the EVIL 8 for the next season and earned themselves a spot in the live championship.

Series 2 Ardent Aurora vs Gankstars Sirius

WizardSibs brought out a WP Jungle Lance for the side of Ardent. The first game started with a quick 4 kill lead for Ardent, picking off the members of GSS one by one. In the eight minute, Ardent tried to get themselves a gold mine but GSS spotted them out and MacDaddy was able to steal it away with a perfectly timed Quibble. No matter, though, in the 10th minute, Ardent got two kills off GSS and pushed down one turret, building up a 7 kill lead and a 2k gold lead. In the 12th minute, though, GSS were able to get a perfect Ace knowing that Ardent was down on their Ultimates. Ardent came back from the setback and got an Ace of their own and a turret to show for it. In the 15th minute they were able to get themselves a kill and force the rest of GSS to retreat to base allowing them to get themselves Kraken. They got two kills during the push and finished the game after it with Kraken.

Gankstars switched out xTsuki for Inane before continuing to Game 2, where we saw double WP from both sides. Ardent was able to pick off GSS over one by one, just as in Game 1. They picked up another kill in the 8th minute when Foojee was stealing their jungle and took a turret to follow it up. They also captured a full gold mine at the 9th minute for a large gold swing in their favor. Aurora got another 2 kills in the 10th minute and found Inane for the Ace and the 2nd turret. When Kraken came up, it was highly contested with both teams going all out for it–but Ardent was able to land the final blow and secured the ace directly afterwards for the win.

Foojee was swapped out to bring xTsuki back in Game 3. Gankstars ran the same comp as Ardent did in Game 1 with xTsuki going for a WP Taka. For a change, GSS got the first blood in this game with a strong Jungle play. It was no matter to Ardent though, as they picked up 6 kills before the 10th minute. Despite this, the gold was very even between the teams. Aurora eventually got an ace in the 13th minute for the turret and a pulled out a slight gold lead. They got yet another ace in the 16th minute after an early shutdown on Inane and got the Kraken. They wisely retreated after getting two turrets, not wanting to overstay. In the twentieth minute, GSS gave up an ace when they came out to the Kraken Pit, giving Ardent the perfect 3 match win for their place in the live championship.

Series 3: Team Parallel vs Hammers Velocity.

Hammers Velocity saw Gabevizzle back at his original position as Roam on Phinn. They started out strong with 5 quick kills. Zio picked a CP Ringo with a WP Skye on Aloh4. By the eleventh minute, they had a large 7 kill gold lead but were actually down on gold by 1k after losing a turret and a gold mine after losing one kill to Parallel. In the 13th minute though, Velocity were able to get themselves a turret for the gold lead. They followed it up with a 1 for 3 trade in the 16th minute and secured a turret from it, but weren’t able to get Kraken. This hurt Velocity when they gave up an Ace in the 17th minute, giving Kraken over to Parallel. During the push, Parallel gave up 2 kills but still managed to push down till the last crystal turret. The 22nd minute saw another Ace go over to Velocity and they went on to get Kraken this time. This owed in part to yet another amazing block on Blast Tremor from Gabe, allowing Velocity to win the game with Kraken.

The second game started off very even in kills until about the 8th minute, when Velocity engaged under Parallel’s turret and managed to secure an early Ace. Velocity snowballed terrifically, taking a turret and quickly following up with three separate kills. After taking down TheBlank in the 12th minute, they pushed for the second turret. This was followed by a triple pull by Gabe’s Phinn near their turret and Velocity brought out a clean ace and were able to destroy the third turret. By now they racked up a 6k gold lead and a 12 kill lead. They picked up a kill on Chenshua and forced the rest back to base . Velocity took advantage of this to get Kraken. During the push, after another great pull by Gabe, Velocity picked up another 2 kills making it an easy push for the win.

The third game went in Parallel’s favor early with 3 kills going over to them right at the outset. In the 6th minute, though, Velocity evened out the kills. In the very next minute they got another two kills and were very close to getting an Ace. Seeing reason and not chasing the last member down, they went ahead and took a turret down and satisfied themselves without an ace. Even so, they compensated with an ace to follow in the 9th minute. They nearly destroyed the next turret but were forced to retreat when the members of Parallel respawned.. Aloh4 had a really strong full WP Kestrel this match which was doing insane damage to the ranks of Team Parallel. Velocity killed TheBlank and brought down the second turret and the Gold Mine to go along with it. In the eleventh minute, Gabe pulled the whole of Team Parallel to Velocity making it easy for Aloh4 and Zio to kill them with the high damage glimmer shots and the Resonance bounces from CP Vox. In the 14th minute, despite not having that great of an engage, Velocity were able to take down the crystal turrets and the Vain Crystal for the win, securing their spot in the Live Finals. Apart from those initial three kills, Team Parallel couldn’t get anything off of Velocity giving them a decisive win. velocity moved on to the Live championship.

This week saw the knocking out of Necrolyte from the EVIL 8 and the Live Finals, as well as the Update 1.21 Notes. Thanks for reading and please do stay tuned for more 🙂


Vainglory News

Weekly News Round Up

weekly news v2 700x350

Hey, everyone! This week had a lot to be excited about including more action from the EVIL 8 series, Teasers for the upcoming update, Lore, etc. Read on to see it all.

Update 1.21 Teasers

The past week has seen SEMC teasing a couple more things to look forward to including a portion of the images for three upcoming skins as seen below.


We Also have the Splash Art for North Wind Reim Tier 3 and Broken Doll Alpha Tier 2.


Also released is Summer Party Phinn. The skin is, as of now, a exclusive to attendees of special events including :

  • Amazon Appshop booth at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany (August 18-21, 2016)
  • North America Summer Live Championships in Seattle (September 3-4, 2016)
  • Europe Summer Live Championships in Cologne (September 9-11, 2016)
  • PAX West Twitch booth in Seattle (September 2-5, 2016)



Alpha’s Alternate fate Lore for Broken Doll Alpha 1 has been released. Be sure to check it out here.

Rona’s Tier 3 Lore has also been released and can be read here.

A new Lore pertaining to the Vainglory world has been released as well, called Ancient Times

Krul Bug Official Announcement:

SEMC has released an official statement regarding the Krul Bug observed during one of last week’s EVIL 8 match. It has been declared as a visual bug that gives no real advantage to the player and was activated through Krul’s natural playstyle and by no fault of the player. If you’d like to read the complete statement you can do so here.

Update 1.20 Survey:

SEMC has included an in-game survey for any feedback regarding the 1.20 update. Be sure to fill it out for a chance to win some ICE and also to help contribute to the game we all know and love.

Promotions and competitions:

SEMC has announced a new competition for us all to try our luck in. Planning for a picnic? If yes, or no, even, gather all your friends and make it a Vainglory LAN party and post a picture of it for a chance to win some ICE. Check out the official details here.

Amazon and SEMC have partnered up for the duration of the EVIL 8 series and are offering Amazon Coins at discounted rates which can be used for buying ICE for all the new skins coming out and Samuel. Be sure to read the full details here.

esports (spoilers… duh):

Evil 8 – Split 2 – Week 3 (Finals)

EU – Day 1

Series 1 – Snow Tsunami vs Mousesports.

In the first game, Tsunami had a great start which is really not what you’d expect with the enemy having a WP Taka. They had a 10k gold and 10 kill lead by just the 13th minute.  They easily brought themselves the first win.  The second game saw PTlam’s signature Skye but was way more close than the first. With a 25 – minute, fully – fed Skaarf from Mousesports, it was very clear their comp outscaled Tsunami’s for the win. The deciding match went to Mousesports with an amazing Skye from GreatkhALI and Glaive from Asater. WP Taka didn’t work out rather well for either team probably considering there was always a Glaive to counter him.

Series 2 – Team Supremacy vs Team Secret

I always find a tough time coming up with stuff to write in matches involving Team Secret. They always seem to shove it in the face of their opponents that they are on top of the table with dominating matches. The story wasn’t very different with the first match. The second match (unstreamed) was also won by Team Secret.

Series 3 – Snow Avalanche vs SK Gaming.

Snow Avalanche pulled out an interesting Double CP comp with Lane Skaarf and Jungle CP Ringo. It didn’t seem to be working out for them that well until about the 18th minute, when they started to consistently come out on top of the fights, ultimately bringing the first win home. Game 2 saw yet another CP Jungle Ringo this time, though, paired with WP Lane Saw. This one was really Snow’s game from the start, both carries dominating their portions of the map.

Series 4 – Gankstars Cerberus vs G2 eSports

In the first game, G2 brought out a rather odd Roam Glaive which didn’t seem to work out that well. Both Iraqizorro and TetnoJJ showed off their mastery of Adagio and Alpha for a pretty dominant win in Game One. The name of the second game was “Crowd Control,” with Cerberus bringing out a Glaive, Lance, Adagio Comp. G2 performed decently early game, but couldn’t nearly capitalize as much as they should’ve, their WP Taka fell off as the game continued, allowing Gankstars to take the win and the series.


NA – Day 1

Series 1 – Hammers Kinetic vs Hammers Velocity

As you would expect from a match between two sister teams, the first match was very back and forth and lasted an entire 27 minutes. PONTheOriginal brought out a WP Skye which he seems to be favoring nowadays. Gabevizzle, known for his off-meta supports, brought out a support Saw. Velocity also brought out a slightly less used CP Fortress. It all seemed to be working out with ever so slight leads going over to Velocity in the early and mid game. This seemed especially apparent after a bad engage due to ttigers’s Catherine lacking energy to use her abilities, giving up an Ace and Kraken following for Velocity. Kinetic was able to get a return Ace and kill the Kraken quickly, only losing one turret during the push. Seeing that the entire Velocity team recalled, Kinetic pulled a sneaky move and unleashed a Kraken of their own. Kinetic gave up another Ace and Kraken was only able to take one turret. Yet again, Kinetic took Kraken without Velocity contesting it, this time winning the post release teamfight and finally taking down Velocity’s Vain to end the match. The second match saw PONTheOriginal on WP Skye with Gabe pulling out a more traditional support, Phinn. This match was quite different from the first, ending in a one-sided victory for Kinetic with PON and MICSHE showing off very strong Skye and Celeste play.

Series 2 – Ardent Aurora vs Nemesis Hydra.

The early part of the first game seemed to be going in Aurora’s favor with a quick two kills in an early game skirmish. They couldn’t do much after that, though, with Hydra really stepping up and LostBoyToph showing us all how WP Taka is meant to be played. The second game saw Hydra’s early game prowess dominating until a slight slip up after taking Kraken and giving over an Ace, allowing Aurora to take it down pretty quickly. Aurora’s Yazaru3 went AFK soon after for a very short while, but in a show of great sportsmanship, Hydra didn’t take advantage of it and waited for his return before attempting a final push. Their show of character was paid off by taking home both the match and the series.

Series 3 – Team Solomid vs Phoenix Reborn.

The first game was pretty even until about the 10th minute when TSM really started to show up. They quickly build up a 11 kill lead and released Kraken and finished the game with their signature TSM Special. The second game saw BestChuckNA trying, yet again, to prove that he is the best Adagio NA and VONC showing off his already well-renowned Kestrel. The game was pretty even until the 11th minute when TSM took a phenomenal fight near Reborn’s first turret, getting an Ace, the turret, and a gold mine for an enormous gold spike. One Kraken to TSM. No TSM Special. Weren’t expecting that, were you? To make up for it though, TSM Aced Reborn once more and made one final push for the series.

Series 4 – Necrolyte vs Phoenix Reign

The first game saw Reign pulling out an early lead which they carried over beautifully for the win. Oldskool and Statusbaked had a very good Adagio and WP Lance which Necrolyte couldn’t handle, especially with e36 providing Reign such amazing support. Game 2 was very even until about the 15th minute when both CP Skye and Lyra really started hitting power spikes on Reign’s side. Around this time they got a good Ace to get Kraken for themselves and both the win and the series.

EU – Day 2

Series 1 – Mousesport vs Snow Avalanche. (Semi-Final)

The first match looked pretty even but Mousesport was building up a pretty large gold lead without having kills to show for it. At the 15th minute, they had a really good fight, melting the team of Avalanche, as Snow should be during the Summer, giving them the Ace and Kraken and consequently, the win. The second game was pretty much opposite, with the kills showing a bit of a lead for Mousesport through the early-mid game and the gold being pretty even. GreatkhALI played an absolutely phenomenal game as Skye, only becoming more and more impressive as the game approached the 20 minute mark. Mousesport were able to unleash the Kraken, and khALI alone was able to bring the entire team of Avalanche low enough to give the Kraken an ample window of time to advance to the unprotected base of Avalanche. Not getting too far ahead of himself, khALI backed off, allowing Snow to port to base and take out Kraken. The next fight sealed the deal with an Ace confirming Mousesport’s victory.

Series 2 – Team Secret vs Gankstars Cerberus (Semi-Final)

In the opening game, GSC were able to bring get an early three kills on the board. TS, not the slightest bit fazed though, got themselves three kills to even out the kill score and even pushed out into the lead. By the 10th minute, Secret had themselves a 6 kill lead and one turret down. By the 12th minute, they had taken out 4 turrets. They backed off only to get two more kills at the 16th minute for Kraken and the win. In the second match, L3oN subbed in for Iraqizorro. Did this help? Not enough. TS took a near perfect win, only giving up one kill. KValafar = Feed. Hehe… All jokes aside, though, TS secured their place in the finals with yet another extremely dominant win.

Series 3 – Snow Avalanche vs Gankstars Cerberus (Third-Place Match)

The first match opened out with Cerberus getting three early kills. They lost the kill lead over a gold mine, though the gold remained even. The rest of the game was very close with Snow Avalanche finally giving away an Ace in the 15th minute, giving GSC the Kraken. Gankstars made the most of it, closing the game out in a victory. The second game saw Snow Avalanche with the kill lead and GSC with the gold lead. This changed at about the 20th minute when GSC took control of both the leads following an Ace that led to a Kraken release. GSC’s Skaarf scaled well into the late game, allowing them to take the game and hence, Third Place.

Series 4 – Team Secret vs Mousesport (Finals)

The first match was very even in terms of gold, but TS had a strong kill lead to start off. At the 13th minute, GreatkhALI stepped up and got Mousesports the Ace with an amazing Skaarf, and Mousesport was able to take a turret. TS returned with two kills of their own and a Kraken to show for it (a rather bit token, if you ask me). Kraken fell with only one crystal turret left. TS had a great final engagement for the Ace and the win. The second game was very slow with only 4 kills on the board by the 15th minute and a rather negligible gold difference. Palmatoro brought out a seldom seen CP Taka, which I really enjoyed. At the 15th minute, GreatkhALI again brought out a brilliant Ace from a 2v1 situation, but could only get a turret to show for it. It was enough, however, to give Mousesports the gold lead. From there, Mousesports was soon able to unleash Kraken and pushed to the last crystal turret, even securing an Ace but rightly backing off just before KValafar’s Glaive spawned. Mousesports continued the fight, securing another two kills with Kraken and pushed for the win, finally ending Secret’s huge winning streak. The final match saw KValafar on his favorite Saw, pulling out a CP build. Despite CP Saw’s previous failings, KValafar and Team Secret made it look like the top of the meta, pulling a 15 kill lead by the 20th minute along with a 5k gold lead. This easily translated to a win finalizing their dominant wins throughout the last few weeks.


NA Day 2

Series 1 – Phoenix Reign vs Nemesis Hydra (Semi-Final)

Phoenix Reign was dominant during the entire first match but Hydra really pushed themselves and managed to make the game last despite having only 2 kills by the 25th minute. An Ace in the 27th minute gave Reign the first win of the series. The second game heavily favored Hydra. They destroyed all of Reign’s turrets at the 17th minute with the help of Kraken and took the win. The final match was very even until about the 10th minute, when Hydra slowly started expanding upon their kill lead. Reign took a risk and started a Kraken capture, but Hydra had vision on it were able to steal it away and win the game with it.

Series 2 – Team Solomid vs Hammers Kinetic (Semi-Final)

TSM won the first game (unstreamed). In the second game, both VONC and BestChuckNA were able to bring out their favorites: Kestrel and Adagio. This resulted in a very dominant game, securing TSM’s place in the finals.

Series 3 – Phoenix Reign vs Hammers Kinetic. (Third-Place Match)

The first game saw Phoenix Reign staring out with a quick four kills to their name. This pretty much went on throughout, with Reign slowly but surely building up the lead for a final push without any help from Kraken securing the win. Hammers Kinetic won the next two matches (unstreamed) for third place.

Series 4 – Team Solomid vs Nemesis Hydra (Finals)

The first game was very even to start it off until the 12th minute when TSM started to push their small lead into a 5 kill lead by the 17th minute, at which point TSM got themselves two kills enabling them to take a Kraken. TSM special? Yeah. They marched down the Lane for the win. The second game was pretty slow, with the first kill only coming out in the 7th minute for Hydra. The game was really close and seemed to slip out of TSM’s hands towards the end but TSM were able to secure the win with a late 23 minute Kraken.

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This past week saw a lot more teases for the 1.20 update and a lot of new promotions and competitions giving us more chances to get ICE. Hope you enjoyed this week’s news, be sure to return next week for another Weekly News Round Up!

Build Updates 3

Top Hero Builds Updated for 1.20!


Hi everyone! It’s been a long time, but nonetheless here we are.

We’ve updated everything for 1.20. Here’s a summary list of the changes:

  • Lance and Lyra now have guides!
  • All builds now recommend unique boots (Journey Boots aren’t your only option anymore)
  • Two brand new builds: Alpha’s Headhunter and Petal’s Flora Destroya
  • One build was deemed outdated and has been removed: RIP Glaive’s “Unaxed Question” build

The following carries have had item and ability path revisions: Crystal Fortress (The Big Bad Wolf), Weapon Glaive (The Amputator), Kestrel (All builds), Ringo (All builds), Rona (The Foesplitter), Crystal SAW (The Executioner), Skye (All builds), Crystal Taka (The X-Rekts-U), and Weapon Vox (The Beat Drop).

The following roams have had item and ability path revisions: Adagio (The Healer), Ardan (The Punching Bag), Catherine (The Stormguard), Phinn (The Toll Troll), and Fortress (The Predator)

As always, you can view the Top Hero Builds page by simply clicking on it in the menu bar, or click here.

Vainglory News

Jeff and Marty’s Summer Fling: Catch a Bus

Jeff and Marty shuffle down the center aisle and finally find seats on a crowded bus. Marty holds an overflowing paper bag of groceries for his chili. Jeff does nothing to help. After a few moments, a young man across the aisle holds up his phone in their direction. He looks puzzled at his screen for a while and then puts it down.

Young Man– Excuse me guys, are you Pokemon?

Marty– No, we’re creeps.

Young Man (weirded out)- Oh, um, sorry.

Jeff– Not like, “creepy” creeps. We’re just called creeps.

Young Man– Why?

Marty (shrugs)- Probably an answer out there, we’ve just never Googled it.

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