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Overcoming Setbacks: Your Guide to Comebacks

Overcoming Setbacks Featured

Perhaps you have found yourself on the Fold feeling the quicksand of The Shimmer crushing you as your team slowly slips behind. Or your team is crushing it, but get over zealous, drop a team fight, and is now staring at Kraken closing in on your base. Or, perhaps you have dropped a number of games in a row and see your VST drain to abysmal levels. Today, let’s discuss how you can overcome these scenarios to rally yourself and your team to victory.
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Broken Myth Humor

Hard to Swallow: An Incomplete List of Things Grumpjaw Has Eaten

We are Vyn. We see all because we must see all. We see what must and what must not be seen. We can’t unsee what has been seen nor can we see the unseen that sees…we have lost track of our thought. We are here because we have seen all that the one called Grumpjaw has eaten. We decided in our wisdom to show you some of what we have seen Grumpjaw eat. What he eats will never be seen again, therefore, this may bring closure for certain items you wondered as to the fate of since you no longer see them. This list is far from complete.
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VIS Pro: Winter Split 2 Finals Breakdown

Previously at Broken Myth, we broke down the VIS Pro: Winter Split 2 through the semi finals. In that article, we examined the strengths and weaknesses of heroes in the current meta. When two skilled teams collide, victory is determined by strategy, and the best way to achieve victory is with a solid draft. Today we’ll analyze the drafts utilized in the finals as along with key points that led to the VIS Pro: Winter Split 2 results.
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