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Vainglory 5V5 on the Rise: Overall Strategic Flow

vainglory 5v5 strategy

The 5V5 Sovereign’s Rise map for Vainglory opens up the game for in-depth strategy and tactics to be impactful in a way that rarely occurs on the Halcyon Fold map — largely due to the new proliferation of objectives and sheer space available. While cunning strategy sometimes prevails on the Fold (e.g. ACE Gaming’s masterful backdoor against Impunity in the semifinal matches of Worlds 2017), primarily what wins out is drafting and knowledge of your win conditions, combined with the mechanical prowess to execute those conditions better than your opponent. While these will still be extremely impactful on the Rise map, rotations, tactical play, positioning, objective control and focus, as well as overall team strategy just became so much more prominent than they were before in Vainglory.
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Vainglory Opals: What’s Right, Wrong, and Simply Decent-ish

vainglory opals

Opals. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we have had Opals in Vainglory for over a year now. First introduced in September of 2016, Opals are a currency that allow players to purchase Special Edition skins from previous seasons. I was most excited about the chance to get the Summer Party Phinn skin, which had originally only be given to players who attended the Live Championships in 2016 or visited booths at Gamescon or PAX West. Opals were a chance for me to earn one of the coolest skins at the time, but what have they become today? Let’s take a look at what’s great and not so great about Opals in Vainglory.
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Vainglory 5V5 Unveiling Initial Thoughts and Impressions

vainglory 5v5 unveiling

The Vainglory 5V5 unveiling sparked a multitude of reactions, theories, and analytical data. The new game mode marks the next step up in mobile gaming, and solidifies Super Evil Megacorp’s claim to “never settle for the lesser evil” through graphical standards and strategic gameplay delivered by their coined E.V.I.L. engine. We at Broken Myth wanted to share our initial thoughts and impressions on Vainglory’s largest milestone to date.
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Vainglory Worlds 2017: Full Tournament & 5V5 Matches Breakdown

The 2017 World Championships provided Vainglory viewers across the globe with intense action, exciting reveals, and an overall amazing weekend. This year’s event was held at the Kallang Theatre in Singapore. While this time frame provided some viewing challenges for individuals in NA, EU, and SA regions, the location for players was nothing short of breathtaking. Fans were treated to four full days of Vainglory — an extension from last year’s three days of competition. Keep reading for a breakdown of each stage’s action, and coverage of other major topics from the weekend!
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Esports Vainglory News Worlds 2017

Vainglory Worlds 2017: Day 4 (Recap)

The last day of Worlds 2017 was sure to be packed with a lot of action. Throughout the broadcast, the viewer count far surpassed the previous record achieved at Worlds 2016, reaching over 50,000 viewers on the English streams alone! This was high enough to be ranked as the number four streamed game on Twitch.

First, we were treated to Cloud9 looking to finish the weekend on a high note against Impunity. After this, the long-awaited global unveiling of Vainglory’s 5V5 game mode was held — where SEMC’s beta testers and top esports teams showed off what had been in the works for over a year. The last part of the event pitted NA vs. EA in the grand finals of the World Championship for the second year in a row.
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Esports Vainglory News Worlds 2017

Vainglory Worlds 2017: Day 3 (Recap)

vainglory worlds 2017 day 3

Day 3 provided the best action we have seen all tournament long. Today was the first time production had started on time according to the preset schedule. Throughout the day, everything appeared to be moving much smoother as well — which is a huge relief for viewers and displays the tireless effort put forth by both SEMC and the production company to improve the experience.

The first series of the day, Tribe Gaming vs. Cloud9, left viewers in shock at the results. ACE Gaming advancing to the Grand Finals ahead of Impunity marks the end of the ShaveoffBeard run. Check out our Twitter Moment to find out what this shaving craze was all about. Broken Myth is here to recap Vainglory Worlds 2017 each day so you don’t miss a blink of action!
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Vainglory Worlds 2017: Day 2 (Recap)

vainglory worlds 2017 day 2

After a long eventful day one, the remaining action from Group D carried over and was broadcasted on the alternate stream. Two matches were shown; Hunters vs. ACE Gaming and ACE Gaming vs. TSM. The first match gave us a 1-1 draw. In the second series, ACE seemed to come into their own against TSM — winning 2-0, and eliminating TSM from the rest of Worlds competition. At this point in time, both teams from last year’s championship match were eliminated in the group stages of competition.

Impunity advancing to Day 3 also brings us one step closer to #ShaveOffBeard. The Worlds bracket challenge saw a further decrease in correct responses — all the way down to 0%. Broken Myth is here to recap Vainglory Worlds 2017 each day so you don’t miss a blink of action!

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Vainglory Worlds 2017: Day 1 (Recap)

vainglory worlds 2017 day 1

Worlds 2017 got off to a fast start … not really. Two separate delays pushed the first match of the day on the main stream back until 11:20PM PST, when production moved the second game of the Cloud9 vs. paiN Gaming series to the main broadcast.

Vainglory Worlds 2017 Day 1 showcased an anomaly of unexpected results. Impunity, the only local team of the tournament, caused a bracket upset by defeating ROX Armada; leaving less than 3% of player brackets still accurate — also providing a possibility for PlayoffBeard to shave his face live on air. Most surprisingly, EU advanced to Day 2, being represented by G2 Esports. Broken Myth is here to recap Vainglory Worlds 2017 each day so you don’t miss a blink of action!
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An Early Look at Vainglory’s New Hero Varya in Update 2.11

vainglory varya

Vainglory’s newest hero to join the Halcyon Fold is Varya, a crystal mage ready to flash down the lane and jungle simultaneously. Varya debuts in Update 2.11 to shine in heavy damage affecting multiple enemies at once. Broken Myth is here with the full scoop on Varya’s abilities, talents and best builds to smite your opponents with early information on 2.11’s shocking meta.
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