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Vainglory Autumn: 2.8 New Items

vainglory new items

With the Autumn Season of Vainglory kicking off, players must break their old habits and start anew with an overhauled meta. Part of this quest is battle readiness, and packed in its core incentive comes the implementation of two new items—Healing Flask and Spellsword. Both seek to encourage players to act more resourcefully in life-threatening situations. Broken Myth is here to break down the immediate and long-term effects of the two new Vainglory items that debuted in Update 2.8.
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Broken Myth Strategy Theorycrafting 3

Broken Myth(Busters): TensionShiv

I’m shutterfly, part of the VainSocial developer team, and I am a Broken MythBuster!

In this series of articles, we are going to shed light on beliefs about the mechanics of Vainglory, challenging the meta and providing useful information. We will use real match data from the official Vainglory API, powered by MadGlory and backed by VainSocial’s data platform.

Let us start this series by looking at the trending build after the upheaval of the weapon power meta in Update 2.3 — busting 3 myths in total!
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Broken Myth Tier Lists

Update 2.7 Hero Tier List is Here!

Wait, is that a mirage? The Shroud Stepping, Chakram throwing, sand ninja bursts his way to the top of the 2.7 Tier List. In the Lane, Baron has traded in his rocket launcher for a saxophone in his new hit single, “Feeling the Ban Blues.” Vox and Idris maintain top Carry spots, while the Jungle remains relatively the same. In other Jungle news, we have a new contender, Reza, a mage so underwhelming he got a buff after just one day! Soaring near the top of the Captains list, the Valkyrie Queen Grace poses a dominating figure slightly ahead of Lyra. With that, let’s dive deep into the list and get your VST stepping in update 2.7!

Read on for the full breakdown and Tier List!

Developer Update Vainglory News

Vainglory Developer Update: 5V5 Ciderhelm Interview

August 18, 2017 – SEMC releases their 5V5 Ciderhelm Interview Developer Update

SEMC recently published a video featuring a Q&A session with lead gameplay designer Ciderhelm. An argument can be made about whether people were more excited to see Ciderhelm or about 5V5 news (I’m sure PlayoffBeard would go with the former), but here’s an overview of what was covered. Keep in mind that some of the additions or changes for the 5V5 project may be carried over to the Halcyon Fold for Vainglory’s core 3V3 mode!
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