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VIS Pro Split 1 Championship Summary

The VIS Pro Winter 2017 Split 1 Championship finished up recently. If you missed it, we’ve got you covered! In the first major tournament of the new year, VIS League 2017 Winter Split 1 introduced new teams and a double ban draft format! Both teams were given two bans during their draft period; preventing a total of four heroes from entering the Fold. Sixteen teams vying for the championship participated in single elimination BO3 match-ups. After the dust settled, four teams—GankStars Sirius, Cloud9, Hammers Velocity, Team SoloMid—remained on top. TSM and GankStars Sirius battled in a BO3 format for 3rd place while first place was reserved for the winners of the BO5 match between Cloud9 and Hammer Velocity.
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eSports Vainglory News VIS

By the Numbers: Carries of VIS Pro

After thirty-three matches spanning eleven days, Cloud 9 emerges as champions of the March Madness format VIS Pro: Winter Season Split One. Sixteen teams battled across the Fold, leaving a trail of statistics in their wake. So, like a shambling man of questionable sanity scouring the beach with no more than a metal detector and gumption, I, too, set out to find hidden treasures in the sandy dunes of statistics.

Subsequent articles will dive into the Jungle and Captain positions, but carries are first. Their stats are often easiest to directly translate towards overall team performance; plus, we all know they’re the ones who care the most about the numbers anyways.

The first chart presents the top six carries from the VIS Pro for your consideration.

The stats for the carries of VIS Pro seen earlier in the article are pleasingly predictable, but reveal some interesting nuances to each player’s game. Let’s assess each carry individually.
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Broken Myth Humor 1

Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s Day

My wife asked for some Joules but I had already bought this nice Skaarf that I then had to Celeste than I paid for it. I could get a Ring,o-h but that’s been done. The decision was getting Ardan I was running out of time. I’m terrible at poems, I can’t even Reim. The only rose I had lost a Petal. So I decided to throw caution pings to the wind, take her hand and tell her I wanted to get Baron Flicker. You should have SAW her face.


Strategy 1

Support Synergy: Phinn the River Troll

Welcome back to the Support Synergy Series! This series is all about analyzing support heroes and whom they best synergize with, so you can always choose the best support for your team composition. The previous articles analyzed Fortress, Catherine, Ardan and Adagio. In this article, we’ll be looking at Phinn.

Phinn, a Captain whose game-changing abilities have been highlighted at almost every Live Championship, has seen recent nerfs. Not to worry—pairing this dangerous river-troll with synergistic heroes will lead to spectacular results. As the meta shifts towards the Lane and stacking items, such as Breaking Point and Broken Myth, have seen slight tuning, we could see more Phinn in action. So, let’s get to know this huggable hero better!

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Arena8 Championship Summary

Arena8 brought the best teams from Korea and Japan into a single tournament. Four teams from each country were placed together in a single elimination tournament. The eight teams were selected and ranked by their past performances and Autumn Season 2016 results. The Arena8 preseason came to a close this past weekend in an exciting finale. After 3 weeks of single elimination matches, 4 teams were left to battle for the top spots and the majority of an $8,000 prize pool.
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Humor 1

SAW Through The Mask

Blitz Bar, the hottest new joint in town, is positively popping tonight as all the Halcyon locals charge in for the “wasted in 5 minutes or less” promotion. The pretty young bartender is swamped with demands for doubles and triples of the strongest potions this side of the Fold. Just when shes about to go on break, a mass of masked muscle ponies up to the bar and slams down a meaty fist. 


Bartender– You don’t have to shout, darling, I can hear you.


Bartender– Okay, what’ll ya have?


Bartender– I got that, what kind?


Bartender (rolling her eyes)- No problem.

She concocts something or other and slides it over to him. The big lug splashes some on his mask and nods approval. SAW sits down with his beverage, quietly splashing when someone nudges his shoulder. In an instant, SAW’s trusty blue blade of death is in his hand and ready for stabbing. The face of his attacker calms the instinct to kill. Momentarily. 

Lance– Good evening.


Lance– I’m surprised to see you out. Thought you were an all business kind of guy.


Lance– Exactly, so what’s the occasion?


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