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Broken Myth Draft Simulator Updated


Let’s celebrate! We’ve updated our Broken Myth Draft Simulator to update 1.23.

What is it?

The Broken Myth Draft Simulator is, well, a draft simulator. Practice new draft strategies against yourself or nearby friends to satisfy your Vainglory drafting needs!

Where can I find it?

You can find the draft simulator here, or at the end of this article. We’ve also included a link to more information on draft mode in general and our draft simulator at the end.

We’re always working to improve our draft simulator, so if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to comment below, Tweet, or email us.

Draft Simulator | Broken Myth
Introducing the Broken Myth Draft Simulator
Draft Mode Coming to Ranked in Update 1.14!

eSports Vainglory News

Autumn Season 2016 Roster Changes


Autumn Season 2016 is here! The leaves are turning colors and pools are closing while the sun abandons us earlier and earlier each day; but that doesn’t mean the Vainglory esports scene dries up. You’re gonna want to put off your homework to verge upon the latest Autumn roster changes. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell mom!)

Note: This only covers the major roster changes. We apologize if any changes were skipped or missed!

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Update 1.21 Hero Tier List is Here!

Update 1.21 is winding down our Summer Season, but there’s still a lot of action playing out on the Halcyon Fold. The race to the top remains competitive in the Lane and Roam roles, with few changes other than a swap here and there. The Jungle, however, has seen some large changes, including the dramatic return of the former “Queen of the Jungle”! We’ve got you covered for the top picks to cement your final Summer matches. Just don’t let Samuel put you to Sleep!

Read on for the full breakdown!